Friday, January 16, 2009

Another trip to the library.

We really need to start keeping a list of books we'd like to read next, so we can grab them quickly at the library. As it is now, we go to the library to play, and then spend about 5 seconds grabbing random books off the shelf at the end. Any longer than that, and we get too excited and want ALL the books. Here were today's grabs. Truth be told, the baby hasn't really read any of them yet, so we'll have to edit the reviews for his reactions tomorrow:

Baby Danced the Polka, by Karen Beaumont. It's hard not to enjoy a book about a baby defying naptime to dance the polka with a polka-dotted pig. If I had my choice, the activities would be a little more closely related to our life ("mama washed her wig", "Papa hauled the water"?), but it's still a fun read.

Baghead, by Jarrett Krosoczka. Jarrett Krosoczka's book Bubble Bath Pirates has been a huge hit in our house, so we requested a hold on a few of his other books at the library. This one is about a boy who goes about his day with a bag on his head, for reasons explained at the end. It's not as much of a hit as Bubble Bath Pirates, but in fairness, we are likely much younger than the target audience at this point.

Boats Lap Edition (Board book)
, by Byron Barton.
I thought this might help to teach the word 'boat,' which I'm not sure whether he knows or not yet. It's not a board book, but a brightly illustrated small book with simple text and different kinds of boats.

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