Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few favorite board books at 14 months

First, a quick thank you to Natasha over at Maw Books for the recommendation many moons ago (here) to check out Leslie Patricelli's board books. We've only read "No No Yes Yes" so far, but I have a request for "Quiet Loud" in also, and I suspect these might join our personal collection someday.

No No Yes Yes (Leslie Patricelli board books) (Board book), by Leslie Patricelli. "No No Yes Yes", which contains side by side pages of "no" and "yes" activities (no to ripping a book, yes to reading a book; no to pulling a cat's tail, yes to petting the cat, etc.) received the ultimate complement tonight when we brought it home from the library for the first time. I stopped counting at FIFTEEN repeat reads by our 14 month old. What more can I say?


"No No" [Eating dog's food]/"Yes Yes" [Eating a banana while dog eats dogfood.]"

Infant's Interest: He especially likes the page with the hammer/workbench toy, since he has a similar one. He likes everything except the last two-page spread of "more no, no things" and "more yes yes things."

And since I still have 50+ books we've read and haven't posted the reviews for...I'll post another recent favorite around here:

Peekaboo Morning (Board Book), by Rachel Isadora. This one really appeals to the little bibliophile. We've gotten it out of the library twice, and he enjoyed many reads of it both times. It features a small child happily interacting with his family, toys, and animals, with accompanying text in a peekaboo style.


"Peekaboo! I see.../ my grandma"

Infant's Interest: The frog that "grandma" is holding gets special attention, but he likes the whole book.

And a few by one of his favorite authors, Nina Laden. These are in our personal library, and they're great for tossing in a diaper bag or purse. I think I used some of these to get him through the church service of the first wedding he attended (along with his toothbrush - hey, it worked!):

The first Nina Laden book we received was Peek-a-Who. I've reviewed it before, but I'll repaste here:

Peek-A Who? (Board book), by Nina Laden. Peek a Who was an instant hit. The rhymes are cute, the images are simple, the pages are thick and perfectly sized for small hands, and best of all, the last page contains a mirror. Just keep a washcloth handy in case your bookworm develops the habit that ours did -- a kiss on the mirror after every read. And there were MANY reads of Peek a Who.


"Peek a/ZOO!"

Infant's Interest: All, but especially the mirror at the end.

I then ordered all of these:

Grow Up! (Board book), by Nina Laden. Bought after the extremely warm reception that Nina Laden's "Peek-a-who" received by our little guy, "Grow Up!" didn't disappoint. Circular cutouts throughout the book provide a peek at the next page, as each pair of pages explains what a baby tadpole, chick, puppy, etc. grow up to be.


"A seedling grows up to be a/TREE!/Baby grows up to be/ME!"

Infant's Interest: The mirror at the end of the book always delights, but he enjoys the whole thing.

Ready, Set, Go! (Board book), by Nina Laden. We love Nina Laden books around here. After Peek-A-Who was such a huge hit, I bought two or three others, and they have been almost equally well received. This one follows the pattern, "Ready, Set..." with words that all rhyme with "Go" ("Snow," "Throw," etc.). Circular cutouts provide a window to the next page, so an image that appeared to be, for instance, a cloud transforms into a snowman when you turn the page. Like all of Laden's books, we're never asked to read this one just once!


"Ready set/row!"

Parent's Peeve: Unlike some of Laden's other books, which end with a (very well loved) mirror, this one ends with a pull tab feature that makes a flower bloom. It is kind of stiff and difficult for tiny hands to operate, though. He just started to be able to pull it at 14 months, although we could of course pull it for him before then.

Who Loves You, Baby? (Board book), by Nina Laden. This one is probably my least favorite of the four Nina Laden board books we own, but it's still cute and equally well received by the little bookworm. The text refers to the baby/reader by various terms of affection, with an accompanying image, like "lucky ducky" and "busy bee."


"You are my wild crocodile."

Infant's Interest: Again with the mirror at the end (he loves it!).

Parent's Peeve: You might expect from the title for the text to list out people who love the baby (relatives, etc.) but that isn't the storyline.

I think those are the only four board books by Nina Laden in that style, but now I see that Nina Laden is a much more prolific author than I realized (see Nina Laden). We're off to browse and add to our "to be read" list! If you've read any other books by her, we'd love to know what you thought of them.


Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I'm SO HAPPY that you liked No, No, Yes, Yes. I LOVE these books. We currently have this one in our car. Did you catch my author interview with Leslie Patricelli?

Infant Bibliophile said...

I saw the link and something distracted me (or should I say someONE?) from reading it. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

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