Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New feature: Wednesday Watermelon Award (Bubblebath Pirates)

Here at Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile, every feature is a new feature. Today we'll be launching a particularly new new feature: the Wednesday Watermelon Award. What is it? Each Wednesday, we'll highlight one book that our baby bookworm loves, regardless of his parents' opinions on the matter. We'll also try to write the review from his perspective. Why watermelon? The French Fries Award doesn't have a nice a ring to it, and there are few things more loved in our home than books, watermelon, and french fries.

If I get this running properly, you'll be able to see a watermelon next to each of our picks in the complete list of books read here.

This week's tasty Watermelon Award goes to (drumroll)...

Bubble Bath Pirates (Hardcover), by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. I pulled this off of the shelf at the library, out of the bigger kids' section. It was larger than the books I normally read, and not a board book. My mother has a sneaking suspicion I just wanted to throw it on the floor. But once I got it home, I loved it. I can follow what's happening in the story, which involves a fun-spirited mother giving her boys a pirate-themed bath (full of pirate speak like "all hands on deck," "blimey!," and "shiver me timbers"). I like to point to the "Pirate Mommy" and say "mamama" and to find the rubber duck on every page. The pirate lingo is cute, the bath theme is one I can identify with, and the illustrations are very large and colorful, somehow capturing and keeping my attention better than other non-board books. I think we may need to get our own copy soon. "Arrr, this be a great book."

For fun stuff related to Bubble Bath Pirates or Krosoczka's other books, check out his website here. Among other things, it includes free printable coloring pages.

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