Monday, February 23, 2009

Board books about sleep/bedtime

In my neverending quest to find books which impress upon our son the appeal of sleeping, we read and reviewed a couple of books about bedtime recently. If you are looking for similar books, I reviewed a bunch of other books about sleep (including The Going To Bed Book, an Elmo lullaby book, Goodnight Boston, All Asleep, and Goodnight Gorilla) here. I also reviewed Goodnight Moon here.

How Do You Sleep? (Board Buddies) (Board book), by Louise Bonnett-Rampersaud. I was happy to find this in the board book section of the library; I admit that its main appeal at the time was its newness, meaning that it lacked the chewed corners and unidentifiable food stains of most library board books. But aside from that, it is a very nice book in its own right. The illustrations of various animals sleeping are vivid and detailed, and the accompanying rhyme text is just the right amount for little animal lovers.


"Little pig, little pig, beneath the sky, how do you sleep in your piggy sty? / I oink and I grunt, spread my hooves just right, then I dream dreamy dreams as my eyes shut tight."

Bookworm's interest at 15 months: He keeps grabbing this and bringing it to us, perhaps motivated by a trip to the zoo this week. He enjoys the first half and then stops (but sometimes goes back to the beginning). I think he'll warm to the whole thing eventually.

Ten in the Bed (Board book), by Penny Dale. I thought this would be a funny book for our co-sleeping bookworm. The story follows the popular song of the same name, with a colorful cast of animal characters each in turn falling off the bed to an accompanying sound effect. I think it would be very well liked by any young fans of the song (and others as well).


"There were nine in the bed and the little one said, 'Roll over, roll over!' So they all rolled over and Zebra fell out..."

Bookworm's interest at 15 months: For some reason, he closes the book partway through and shakes his head not to continue. It's a lovely book, so I can't imagine what he doesn't like. Do you think it may have something to do with my singing voice?!

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