Friday, February 6, 2009

Craft time: bus!

We're just starting to explore crafts for toddlers. This generally involves mommy making something while keeping one eye on the craft and one eye on the bookworm to make sure he doesn't eat the glue stick. We all start somewhere, right? I browsed the children's craft books at the library this week, hoping to find a large tome full of ideas. Most of the books were smallish and specialised to a particular craft, like paper mache or quilting. I did find this one book that we are enjoying. Here is a photo of the bus we made (we added the animal passengers in a bout of creativity).

Here's our review of the book where we found the bus template:

Crafty Kids: Fun Projects for You and Your Toddler (Paperback), by Rosie Hankin. I pondered whether to put this in a list of books that he has "read," since it is a craft book. But, he keeps grabbing it and shouting "buh! buh! buh!" to see the bus page, and that is as much enthusiasm as he has shown for many of the other books on this list. This is a handy little craft book that includes 28 easy craft projects suitable for toddlers. I took it out of the library mainly for the bus, since our little guy is obsessed with buses at the moment. But the other projects are cute as well; they include a rocket, pig, hot air balloon, and monster truck, among others.

Infant's Interest: We're just starting his journey into crafts, but as mentioned above, he LOVES the picture of the bus in this book. He also quite likes the hot air balloon.

Happy crafting.

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