Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I love that begin with "U"

This is my first "meme" (basically a survey that makes the rounds on blogs). I saw it at Subliminal Intervention, and thought it sounded fun and easy. Note the emphasis on "thought." I was assigned a random letter, and my task is to come up with 10 things I love with that letter. Anyone who wants to participate leaves a comment to this post, and I'll assign them a random letter. Sounds easy, right? Except that I was assigned the letter "U"! Not one to back down from a puzzle type challenge, and also not wanting to spend a week driving myself nuts, I came up with 10 things tonight, and I'm posting them before I change my mind. Alas, I don't own any Ugg boots, have no fond memories attached to Unchained Melody, have never visited the United Kingdom, and do not shop at Urban Outfitters all that often.

So, in no particular order, 10 things I love that begin with U:

1. Uppababy. A Massachusetts based company that makes really great strollers, like this UPPAbaby Vista Stroller, which we love. It's like an SUV. The company's customer service has been beyond fantastic.

2. Universities. I love being on university campuses. To grossly stereotype -- I love working for them, relaxing in their coffee shops, visiting their museums, eavesdropping on their students, and going to their events. I love the protective bubble of university life, the unbridled optimism among students about the world that awaits them, the culture of learning that pervades the campus, and the tolerance of other viewpoints.

3. UPS deliveries. I'm a stay-at-home mom, and UPS deliveries are exciting. A box arriving is like 30 minutes of freedom, because when that UPS man leaves, my son is going to open that thing up, unpack it, repack it, look at what's inside, toss it, hide it, repack it... Ah, yes, I love UPS deliveries. I also love this Halloween costume.

4. Uburger. This Boston-based burger joint is delicious. I would probably just say that I like them had I not been forced to go gluten-free last year (that's another story), and discovered that Uburger is one of the precious few restaurants that doesn't fry their french fries in the same oil as breaded things like onion rings, which would set the fries off limits to those with allergies. Their milkshakes are divine.

5. Unpacking things. Ok, this one only applies to the baby bookworm, but it's true, he does love it.

6. Urban living. Maybe I'm stretching here, but we do love city living. We love taking public transportation everywhere (this one applies to both mom and baby, who is fascinated with buses and trains), having a wealth of cultural opportunities and events happening around us, seeing diversity of wealth/religion/race in our neighbors, etc. I'll miss these things when we head to the suburbs (not that all suburbs lack these things).

7. U2. Well, I loved U2 when I was in high school. I can't say I've stuck a CD of theirs in my player for 10 years. But when I was comforting a colicky newborn in the wee hours of the morning, all of those old memorized lyrics came back to me, and I loved them then all over again.

8. Unconditional love. Hey, I am dealing with the letter "U" here. Cut me some slack.

9. Union Squares quilt block, from Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache website. I don't necessarily love this block more than 100 other blocks on the site, but it's pretty and begins with "U." It was a toss up between this, "user friendly computers like my Mac" (which felt like cheating), and utensils, which was lobbied for by the infant bibliophile, who does indeed have a certain fascination with spoons. I decided the quilt block made for a prettier picture, and then realized it violates the site's terms of use to paste it. Ah well, visit yourself and have fun browsing, if you're so inclined.

10. "Uncle Ubb's umbrella and his underwear too." We love us some Dr. Seuss around here.

I did actually have a lot of fun with this one. Want to give it a try on your own blog? Just leave me a comment and I'll assign you a random letter. I promise it won't be as hard as "U." Unless I pick "X."


Dreamybee said...

You did an awesome job with "U!" I was totally looking for a way to incorporate U2 into my list, but I couldn't come up with anything that was quite right, so I'm glad it made it onto your list!

MaryAnne said...

We used to live in the middle of a city and are now out in the suburbs. The suburbs definitely have their advantages, but I miss have SO much to do so close and being able to walk/take public everywhere.

Vacuum Queen said...

Cute! I'll try...pick me a letter and we'll see what we come up with around here.

Infant Bibliophile said...

Ok! Your random letter is D. This was found through the very scientific method of opening up "chicka chicka boom boom" and pointing randomly. I'll add a comment on your site too to make sure you see it.

MaryAnne, I assume you didn't want one? If you do, your letter is "P"!

Vacuum Queen said...

ok...thanks for my letter. I'll think about it tomorrow after we get back from skiing. middle child is a bibliophile as well. I think you would like her podcast where she reads books. It's called "Read Along With Maggie." It's searchable on iTunes, but if you go to her website, it also has pictures to follow. Hmmmm, I guess the pictures show up on my ipod too, now that I think about it. Anyhow, here's the site:


Vacuum Queen said...

Wait! there's no www.

There. I think you'll like it. I have more to post, but I'm slacking lately. There are enough books to get you started though. :)

Infant Bibliophile said...

Thanks! I'll check it out!