Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Love Ladder Frame craft

I'm sneaking in this children's Valentine's Day craft just under the wire. It was partially inspired by Not for Flashcard's friendship wreath craft, but I have been meaning to do something with photos for awhile. Our son's relatives are a bit spread out around the world, and I'm always looking for ways to remind him who they are and that they love him even though they're far away. When he was an infant (and cried A LOT), I would hold him and say, "do you know who loves you? Mama loves you, Nana loves you, Gran and Grandad love you, etc. etc." until he fell asleep. So this craft is inspired by that.

Valentine's Day Love Ladder Frame craft

Materials: popsicle sticks, glue, letter stamps and ink (or just a marker), small piece of yarn/string/ribbon for hanging, construction paper for decorative hearts (I used red bookmark sized cardstock).

Directions: Arrange the popsicle sticks together as shown with a thin layer of glue at the joins. Put something heavy on it and leave it to dry. At the top of the "ladder" glue a piece of red construction paper or cardstock with a stamped title on it (we used "who loves me"). Cut out little hearts. Glue them on wherever you want. You could also use glitter, stickers, etc. Use a marker to pen in the names of the relatives appearing in the frame. Add your photos to the back (we just taped them). Enjoy!

What did the bookworm REALLY do?: I pretty much gave up having him help me on this one, because the sticks needed to be left alone to dry (and items in any semblance or order just scream to be unarranged). I also wanted it to be more of a gift for him. He's only 14 1/2 months old though; I think older toddlers would enjoy this project.

We picked up this book today which makes a nice companion for this craft. As you'll see from the review, the star could use a ladder:

Never Too Little to Love (Hardcover), by Jeanne Willis. We happened upon this book at the library the day before Valentine's Day and snatched it up. The story involves a love between an unlikely pair -- a mouse and giraffe, and the mouse's attempt to reach the giraffe to give him a kiss. He piles up a growing assortment of items to try to reach. The pages are graduated sizes, allowing the items to stack on top of each other as the reader adds the next one to the ever expanding text, rereading the last ones along with the new. One of the first few items is a slice of watermelon, which is one of the bookworm's delights. He turns the graduated pages very quickly, and I don't have a chance to read the whole text as it's intended to be read.


"He's too little, even on tiptoes on a cabbage, on a teacup, on a watermelon, on a matchbox, on a thimble."

Bookworm's interest at 15 months: He likes watermelon and the mouse.

Parent's Peeve: The second to last page has some sort of odd folded paper as the giraffe bends over. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be (his tale? his head? can't tell).

Looking for other books for Valentine's Day? I reviewed a few here.


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That sounds like a really cute book:0)

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great craft !