Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wednesday Watermelon Award (Counting Colors)

This week's watermelon award goes to a book focused on teaching colors, as well as words (What's a watermelon award? Read about it here) . The bookworm enjoys this Roger Priddy book so much lately that it didn't seem right to bestow the award on any other book.

Counting Colors: Seek & Find (Hardcover), by Roger Priddy. This has been a favorite since Christmas (approximately age one). Each two-page spread features a certain color, and little readers can search for the items, like balls, ducks, santas, and gingerbread men. It has been great at building vocabulary and passing winter hours stuck inside. We love this book.

Bookworm's interest at 13 months: At first there were a handful of items he enjoyed finding, but in the span of a month or two, he became familiar with almost all of them and loves pointing at them when we call them out. Since he developed his "siren noise," the fire engines are probably his favorite.

And while we're on the subject of colors, we've been reading this Richard Scarry book for a couple of weeks now:

Richard Scarry's Colors (Board book), by Richard Scarry. A little less cluttered than the other Richard Scarry book we own (Biggest Word Book Ever), this book is otherwise very similar. Each two-page spread features a different color, with four or five images and sentences to represent the color. Real items like blueberries and bananas share space with Scarry's fictional favorites like apple, cheese, and cabbage cars.


"Lowly's apple car is red. So is his sneaker."

Bookworm's interest at 14 months: It's a little difficult to get him to sit still for the whole thing, but he particularly enjoys the fire engine and blueberries.

And one we've had for awhile and should start reading again with more attention paid to the colors:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (Board book), by Eric Carle. This board book version of the modern classic features a host of brightly colored animals and sing-songy repetition as each animal in turn is asked and answers about what the animal sees (the next animal in the story).


"Blue Horse, Blue Horse, What do you see?/ I see a green frog looking at me."

Bookworm's interest at under 12 months: When he was only a few months old and his eye sight still developing, this was the first book that the bookworm seemed to focus on (the black and white page with the dog).

Parent's Peeve: The drawing of the teacher is not very attractive.

Feel free to leave a comment to share your favorite books about colors.


Vivian said...

My children LOVED the Brown Bear book. Though any book by Eric Carle is great.

Another favorite book about color, My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.

Thanks for stopping by and solving the math puzzle! I deleted your comment so other people can answer this, if they want. However, I've entered you twice for the prize drawing and I will reveal your answer next week. I hope that's okay! Thank you, again!

melanie said...

My daughter loves any book by Eric Carle and I think I'd have to go with that one for my favorite color book.