Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Unplugged Project (Clothes)

I really wanted to start participating in the Weekly Unplugged projects at Unplug Your Kids. When I read that this week's theme was "clothes," I started daydreaming about this pile of cut up denim scraps I've set aside to make a picnic blanket out of worn blue jeans. It would make a perfect little quilt for the bookworm's blue patchwork teddy bear. I also pondered making sock puppet dogs, with brown fabric ears cut from my quilting fabric and cute button eyes. But the week kept passing on by. So yesterday, I pulled out my denim scraps and looked at them, and at my 15-month old son, and thought about what he'd really enjoy.

First, we took a couple of the denim pockets I had cut off of old jeans, and I filled them with mahjong tiles. Like most toddlers, he loves packing and unpacking things, and he's just starting to get fascinated with the concept of counting, so we spent a nice long while passing the tiles from one pocket to another, counting them as we went. And my scraps stayed in tact for that picnic quilt someday.

Later in the day, he headed over to his dresser of clothes and looked cautiously at me. He LOVES unpacking his drawers, and we usually prohibit it. But, I thought, why not? After all, it's fitting to the Weekly Unplugged theme. We must have spent an hour pulling clothes out, piling them on the bed, pointing to images on the clothes, balling them up and throwing them back in the drawers with amusing sound effects, piling them on mom's head, counting them.... he was in heaven. Next week we'll try to be more crafty.

(I do have an idea I'm going to make FOR him rather than with him. I took a shoe box, cut holes in the lid that fit the shapes in this Melissa and Doug 100 Piece Wood Blocks Set we have, and let him use it as a shape sorter. He likes it a lot, but the old Nike box isn't doing much for our decor, so I might use some of the old denim fabric to cover the box and cut the shape holes through that.)

Looking for a clothes-related kids book? See my recent review of "Blue Hat, Green Hat" here.

Next week's Weekly Unplugged theme is "bottles, and I have an idea...


MaryAnne said...

I love that you made a shape sorter out of a shoebox! I was sitting in my kids' room watching them play yesterday, thinking about how to make a good shape sorter - now I know, thanks!

MaryAnne said...

I was wondering why this post wasn't showing up in my reader, and then realized that for some reason none of your posts had shown up since the 17th. I tried re-subscribing and that seems to have solved the problem, but I thought I'd mention it in case you've seen a drop in readers lately - might be happening to other people who subscribe to posts.

Infant Bibliophile said...

Hmm, weird! Thanks for letting me know, although I have no idea how I could fix it.

Vickie said...

Cute idea with the denim pockets. Good idea using the scraps to cover the box:)