Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reminder: Easter books

If you're looking for Easter books for your baskets (or just a freebie), make sure you check out our Easter give away post here. I'm compiling a list of recommended books based on reader comments, and between mine and there's, we're up to 46 books! Yeah - you guys rock! I had a secret goal of getting a list of 100 books together by the deadline of March 31. I'm so glad I decided to do the post this way rather than just posting my own list; although it's a bit of work cutting and pasting the list together every time someone comments, now we know that every book there gets the seal of approval from an actual kid reader. Those are the recommendations I love (which is why we started this blog in the first place). Once the contest ends, I'll do a summary post with the whole list of recommended books and, of course, to announce the winner of the Busy Chickens and Busy Bunnies board books.

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