Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Watermelon Award (Goodnight Moon 123)

It's Wednesday, which means it is time for us to bestow our weekly Watermelon Award. For those who don't know, every week we choose one favorite book of our little bookworm's to which we award this delicious honor (named, of course, for his love of melon). We owe our choice this week to the No Time For Flashcards blog, which suggested this and the other two counting books below in a recent post.

This week's recipient is...

Goodnight Moon 123: A Counting Book (Hardcover), by Margaret Wise Brown. Prepared by Thacher Hurd, the son of Goodnight Moon illustrator Clement Hurd, this counting book uses items from the original book, from 1-10 (plus one 100 page of stars). I was skeptical that the little guy would take to it as quickly as he did to the original (which has since joined our personal collection and become a daily read).


"Two little kittens / Three little bears sitting on chairs"

Bookworm's interest at 15 months: He LOVED this book right away. He really likes the concept of counting (taps his finger on the page a few times to signal he wants me to count), and he recognized all of the images from the original Goodnight Moon (which he also loves). Last night as I read it to him for the third time in a row, I suggested we read the original book. He tossed it on the floor so that I'd continue with the counting one! So I think I need to buy a copy of this one too.

We also checked out these two counting books this week:

Construction Countdown (Hardcover), by K.C. Olson. Apparently I have some learning to do about construction vehicles. I thought knowing what a "digger" and "cherry picker" were would be sufficient, but our little guy's growing affection for transportation vehicles leads me to believe some advanced knowledge on my part may be required. But that's OK, because there are plenty of books (like this one) to teach me what earthmovers and payloaders look like. This is a great book, with simple rhyming text to describe each two-page spread of vehicles. The ending is particularly delightful.


"Ten mighty dump trucks rolling down the road"

Bookworm's interest at 15 months: He enjoyed this one quite a bit from the first read (and the second, and the third...). A repeat read is the ultimate compliment, right?

1, 2, 3 to the Zoo (The World of Eric Carle) (Paperback), by Eric Carle. We read the board book version of this, but since it doesn't seem to be available anymore, I thought I'd link to the full version. Neither has any text other than the numbers, from what I can tell. In Eric Carle's characteristic illustration style, this book uses zoo animals to count from 1-10.

Bookworm's interest at 15 months: I tried to snag his interest with various animals, which sort of worked, but he wasn't a huge fan of this. I'm not sure why. We'll keep trying! Edited to add: those with toddlers won't be surprised to read that the next day, he seemed to like this just fine.

You can find reviews of other books about sleep here, and books about counting here. You can also see all of the previous Watermelon Award recipients here.

Have a favorite counting book? Let us know about it in a comment!


sunnymama said...

We have Goodnight Moon and love it too!

sunnymama said...

Oh, just realised this is a different book as it's a counting version. I'll have to look out for it!

Quinn said...

Both my little ones loved a book that I bought at a book sale. I never saw it in a store but it is called Dog's colorful day, a book about colors and counting. It is a fun read for all. As a little one the pages of the book are very strong and easy for turning. It is a big sized book so it is easy for sharing. We have shared it often with our neighbors kids too.