Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Watermelon Award (Richard Scarry's Biggest Word Book Ever)

We're under the weather (to say the least) this week, so I'm a bit behind in my posting, but I wanted to throw in a quick Wednesday Watermelon Award (every Wednesday we choose to highlight one of the bookworm's favorite books here). This week we'll be bestowing this award on a book we've praised here before. We've had this one since Christmas, and it gets pulled out, crawled upon, pointed at, talked to, and, yes, even read, daily. I'm repasting our review here:

Richard Scarry's Biggest Word Book Ever! (Board book), by Richard Scarry. This over-sized book (24 inches tall!) makes a really fun gift. I was so excited to buy it for the little bookworm for Christmas this year (at just over one year). He lays it down and crawls right into it. If you're familiar with Richard Scarry's style, this follows suit...happily cluttered pages chock full of busy scenes of every day life, with a little extra silliness (like fruit cars) thrown in.

Bookworm's interest at 15 months: The items that get the most attention are the watermelons (of course), buses, mail trucks, but I point out a new item every few days (like fire or ladder), and then he enjoys spotting those too.

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