Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book sale finds

This week was our local library's annual book sale, and we had a blast.  I let our little man walk around and pull books off the shelf, and he was in heaven (and surprisingly non-destructive).  We even went back later again the same day!  I bought much less than I thought/feared I might, but I'm really happy with every book we bought.  I set up rules for myself before I went, figuring I'd probably ignore them.  I told myself I was "allowed" to buy anything with buses/trucks/trains/cars or anything we have already borrowed from the library and know the little guy likes.  I was allowed to break these rules up to $10.  Once I was there, rules?  what rules?  But as I was walking home, I realized that I had stuck to them anyway.  Here's what we bought:

When I found this one within a couple of minutes of entering the room, I knew the day was off to a good start:

Duck and Goose (Hardcover), by Tad Hills. I was delighted to pick up this charming picture book for $1. It's well worth full-price. The story revolves around best friends Duck and Goose as they discover an "egg," and compete (and eventually join together) to nurture it until hatching. It ends on a funny note. I love the scene where Duck and Goose are imagining what their baby will be like; it rings so true of all expecting parents (see excerpt).


"They counted the stars in the night sky. 'Let's teach our baby to fly,' said Goose. 'Good idea,' said Duck. 'I'm sure our baby will be a fast learner,' said Duck. 'If it takes after you and me, I'm sure you're right,' agreed Goose."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: I think he is a little young for this now, but he did enjoy flipping through it. When I explained that the cover showed an egg, he looked around the room until he found his plastic Easter eggs to show me that he understood. What a charmer.

Harold's ABC (Purple Crayon Book) (Paperback), by Crockett Johnson. I loved Harold and the Purple Crayon when I was younger. This small paperback follows Harold as he draws his way through an alphabetized adventure.


"Harold decided one evening to take a trip through the alphabet, from A to Z. / To go on any trip he had to leave home. He started with A for Attic."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: I grabbed this off the shelf and showed him, and he was instantly taken with it. He kept saying "Dada" for the D page. When I was just reviewing it now and looking it over, I thought, "hmm, that's weird, why do they keep drawing the D on every page?" And then I realized, it's the moon. Doh. He hasn't wanted to read it since we got home, which doesn't surprise me, since he won't read the other Harold and the Purple Crayon books yet either, but it only cost us 50 cents.

Bikes, Cars, Trucks, and Trains (Voyages of Discovery) (Spiral-bound), by Jeunesse Gallimard. I really had to hunt to find any car/truck/train books at the library sale, so when I saw the title of this one, I was elated. The book is geared toward children older than mine; the text is fairly detailed and includes historical information.  Apparently the book originally came with reusable stickers, and there are little flaps and pull out pages here and there.

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: He likes to flip through this, and especially loves a page near the end that features a mass of yellow taxicabs (he loves to say, "yaya! yaya!"). It even beats out the fire engine page preceding it.

And on my way out the door, when I'd already paid for the others...

Llama Llama Mad at Mama (Hardcover), by Anna Dewdney. What a great book! I probably would have passed this by had I not read so many other bloggers praising the "Llama Llama" series. It was in the specialty priced books section, so a little more than the other books. Llama Llama accompanies his mama on a shopping trip to the Shop-o-rama, where he is bored and fusses. The illustrations of his face (like his one-eye open annoyance at being woken up in his car seat when they reach their destination) are just wonderful, and the rhyming text is so fun to read. The story is one that parents and young kids will certainly relate to, and the ending is cute.


"Yucky music, great big feet. Ladies smelling way too sweet. Look at knees and stand in line. Llama Llama starts to whine."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: He was surprisingly attentive to this, in light of the length of it (really more suitable for an older child). When I pick it up and ask if he wants to read it, he almost always indicates that he does, and we make it through 1/2-all of it. I can see it becoming a favorite later.

Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? (Board book), by Bill Martin Jr.. This follows the style of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?," which was one of the earliest books we bought our son. We read the Brown Bear book often to him when he was very young. It's not his favorite series, but he doesn't dislike it either. The ending in this board book is cute; a dreaming child repeats all of the animals from the previous pages.


"Macaroni Penguin, Macaroni Penguin, what do you see? I see a sea lion splashing by me."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: He doesn't love it or hate it. He hands it to me to read and we get through some of it, but he hasn't asked me to repeat it yet. Of course, it could become a favorite tomorrow.

Parent's Peeve: I admit that I had never heard of a "macaroni penguin" before.

Total cost: $7.50.  The big "splurge" was the Llama, Llama book for $3.50, but I had heard such good things about it and it was a brand new copy.  I'm so glad I bought it because it is delightfully fun to read aloud.  Next week, the last day has a fill-a-bag for $5 (and a second bag for $2), so I may be tempted to go back again.  Filling bags at a book sale is hands down my favorite library memory from growing up, so nostalgia may demand that I go.  I am a little picky about the condition of books I buy, though (no unidentifiable food stains, yellowed pages, missing lift the flaps, chewed corners), so that rules out many of the offerings.

Do you set up rules for yourself at book sales or just go wild?  What's the most you've ever spent at one?


Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

Unbelievable! I'm coming to your next book sale! :)

Our library book sale gets picked over SO quickly. If you aren't there, waiting in line, the moment the sale opens, everything decent (I'm assuming) is gone. Every time I've gone I've been very disappointed. Aw shucks!


Those Llama Llama books ARE cute. We have a dollar bookstore in my town, and it can be such a heady experience to shop there for children's books. Anyway, I found and enjoyed your Lion in the Meadow review (Margaret Mahy). And what gorgeous quilts you've made!

Jen Robinson said...

Congratulations on a good set of finds. I especially adore Duck and Goose. Library sales are so great!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

I was SO SO sad to miss the first day of this great sale! But I was in LA, so I'm not going to cry to hard. If you are going again, let me know. I think I'll go tomorrow for the all you can fit into a bag price. As for your question, here is what I got from my last library haul: Obviously, I go much more crazy than you do!

Infant Bibliophile said...

Natasha, I thought about you and the sale when I saw your post about being away! Before then, I wondered if you were there while we were. We have actually been FOUR times since the sale started (we live so closeby!), but only bought stuff the first time. And I read your post before we went, for inspiration! Ha :)