Thursday, April 9, 2009

Review: Truck Stuck

One more truck book, and then I'm going to try to add reviews of some of the other books I have piled up around here this week. This one was suggested on No Time for Flashcards recently. We picked up a copy today, and it was love at first sight.

Truck Stuck (Hardcover), by Sallie Wolf. This fun book follows a big red truck as it gets stuck under a viaduct, causing quite the traffic jam and general "hullabaloo." The commotion includes a line of trucks, a school bus full of scouts, a television news crew, some musical entertainment, and even an Elvis impersonator, all to the benefit of some enterprising kids with a lemonade stand on the sidelines. The rhyming text is simple but fun, and the illustrations have enough detail to make the book entertaining after multiple reads... And there will be multiple reads of this one at our house.


"Let us through - we're stuck, too! Jobs to do. / All stuck. Move that truck!"

Bookworm's interest at 16 months: Talk about an instant hint. It's not just the fact that we read this one 4 or 5 times in a row (which we did) that impressed me, but the frantic shouting and flailing of arms that went on as he pointed excitedly to every vehicle on every page. This one is definitely a keeper.

You can read reviews of the many books about transportation that we've been reading lately by clicking here.


Laura said...

My blog friend Teena posted about reading Truck Stuck yesterday. Funny to hear about the same book again.

I’m visiting from the 31 Day Better Blog Challenge. Thought I’d get a look at some of the other blogs and bloggers.

Cath Oehlman said...

Just dropping by from the 31 Day Challenge too. Loving your blog! As a primary school teacher (and keen writer) turned full time Mummy, I really enjoyed browsing your site and appreciated your reviews. Truck Stuck sounds like one my baby son would love. With a big sister in the house the majority of our reading content is just a bit "girly"!

Sallie Wolf said...

I'm really glad Truck Stuck passed the Bibliophile test. I hope you continue to enjoy it. And just think, in a year or two, you'll be making lemonade stands yourselves!

Thanks for mentioning my book on your blog.