Monday, April 6, 2009

Transportation books we've been enjoying lately

I'm not sure what has happened lately, but I seem to have the Midas touch in book selection..our little guy is loving every book we have from the library, every one relatives send us, every one I pick out as an Easter present (oops, I tend to give things away early), etc.  Either I'm getting better at picking books that he'll enjoy, or his interests are broadening.  Whatever the reason, we're enjoying it!  Here are a few that have been particularly popular lately.

As usual, he LOVES anything involving buses, cars, trucks, trains, or planes.

Big Dump Truck (WHEELIE BOOKS) (Board book), by DK Publishing. A toy and a book in one, this item was a spur of the moment purchase in an airport gift shop before getting on a plane. The book has large plastic wheels, and the board book pages can be held shut by a small velcro tab for zooming around. The book itself features photographs of various dumptrucks (and a digger), with brief informative text. I think these make wonderful gifts, and I am resisting the urge to get the bus and fire engine versions now that I've seen that they're available on MUST RESIST...


"Some dump trucks are huge. This one can carry a load as heavy as 15 elephants!"

Bookworm's interest at 16 months: He really enjoys this, as I expected given the truck focus.

Wheelie Board Books: Digger (Board book), by DK Publishing. This is another toy/book combo. The book has plastic wheels and the pages velcro shut. It is smaller in size than the Dumptruck version, and the text is much simpler (just identification of the diggers).  I don't know why the image isn't showing up here, but if you click through to the link, you should be able to see a photo of the book.


"Little loader / little digger"

Bookworm's interest at 16 months: He likes this one too (it has trucks, after all), but the dump truck one a bit more.

Here is the fire truck version I am (just barely) resisting:

And the bus:

The next few books (and the puzzle set) all came in a truck activity box set. I was really impressed with the nice packaging and all that it included: a board book, a paperback book, a sticker book chock full of transportation stickers, and three beautiful beginner puzzles of a fire engine, tractor, and dump truck. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like sells the box set anymore (this was going to the top of my list for gift ideas), but some of the individual items are available:

My First Book of Trucks (Paperback), by Veronica Pennycook. Colorful photographs of trucks fill the pages of this paperback book, and just the right amount of text describes each photo. Each two-page spread features 6-10 vehicles.


"What do trucks do? Combine harvesters cut down wheat. Dump trucks carry soil and rocks. Tractors plow the fields."

Bookworm's interest at 16 months: He has enjoyed this, requesting multiple reads. The only problem we had was that after I let him play with the sticker book for a long time, he then would get frustrated at this paperback book, because it looks very similar to the sticker book, so he'd be wanting the stickers and be disappointed. You won't have that problem if you're not buying the box set anyway of course.

My First Truck Board Book, by DK Publishing. This is the board book that came in the boxed set. It contains many more images than the typical board book.

Bookworm's interest at 16 months: The first time he read it, I left him with Daddy. I came in to hear Dad saying, "Again? We've already read that book four times."

My First Puzzle: Trucks (Misc. Supplies), by Anne Millard. This one is really a puzzle (not sure why it has an ISBN. I think it's the ISBN that used to be on the whole box set, but I'm not sure how that works).  I'm throwing it in here because it came in our box and would make a great companion to the books above. It includes three simple cardboard puzzles - a fire engine, tractor, and dump truck.

Bookworm's interest at 16 months: He enjoys making a siren noise when he picks up the red pieces, but he doesn't really understand or enjoy this kind of puzzle yet. I like to put it together for him, though.

I have many more reviews to catch up on, but I think I'll stop at the transportation books tonight.  You can read more reviews of books about transportation here.


Karen said...

Oh, the school bus is so cute! Thanks for sharing these.

Kiersten said...

Visiting from the Kiddo Jamboree. What a great blog you have. I am going out today to find some of these great board books you suggest! Thanks