Saturday, May 30, 2009

Books for Father's Day (part 2)

Last week, I posted recommendations for a few children's books about Father's Day.  I asked readers to comment with any other books they enjoyed about fathers.  Karen at Mommy's Favorite Children's Books suggested the book below, and it was a big hit.  Here is our reaction to it. 

I Love My Daddy (Hardcover), by Sebastien Braun. This beautiful book follows a father bear and his cub, explaining in very simple text and gorgeous illustrations all of the things that the father bear does for his son. I love that it is a non board-book but has simple enough language for the very youngest readers to follow. It is a perfect choice for someone just graduating from board books. Actually, I think it would appeal to the board book crowd right on up to, well, adults.


"My daddy plays with me. / My daddy chases me. / My daddy sits with me."

Bookworm's interest at 18 months: I made it a point to explain that it was a book about a daddy and baby. He instantly ran to the front door (where Daddy comes home). I lured him back, we read one page, and it was back to the door again. He was extremely excited about the book, but apparently wanted Daddy to read it to him. When Daddy got home, he happily brought it to him, climbed into his lap, and enjoyed it. Our favorite part is when he gets to "My daddy cuddles me," and he leans over and gives his dad a cuddle.

Parent's Peeve: "My daddy reads to me" would have been a nice additional page! It's not a peeve, though; this really is a perfect book. I think I'll put it in our next "to buy" list.

For additional books about Father's Day, check out No Time For Flashcard's lists, the first of which just went up.  Our little man always seems to love her suggestions.  Or all of our Father's Day related book reviews here.

Do you have any books that your children insist on reading with one or the other parent?


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

How cute that he wanted daddy to read it to him! Sounds like a great book, and I agree about your suggested addition. :-)

MaryAnne said...

That's so sweet that he wanted Daddy to read him the book! My kids mostly read "Hop on Pop" with their dad, mainly because I don't let them hop on me...

Britt said...

OH that sounds really cute! We'll have to get that one.

Karen said...

Glad you and the bibliophile liked it!