Sunday, May 24, 2009

Children's books about Dad

With Father's Day coming up in a few weeks, I thought I'd share a few of our favorite books about dads.  We'll try to share more in the coming weeks.  I think these make adorable gifts for a soon-to-be or new dad (or a well established Dad, for that matter!).

Daddy Hugs (Board book), by Karen Katz. I've only had this board book for about 18 hours, and it is growing on me. I've heard it mentioned often as a potential Father's Day gift, so I thought I should check it out. I feared it would be overly sappy. Each page presents a different kind of "daddy hug," like "peekaboo pajama hugs" and "'don't be afraid of the dark' hugs". The variety of "hugs" that Katz presents is realistic and fun.


"eight dancing on Daddy's feet cha-cha hugs"

Bookworm's interest at 15 months: Wasn't interested upon first read, but we waited a few days, and then he loved it. As soon as I pointed out that there was a "Daddy" in it, he was a fan. Bonus: he snuggled into my lap and "hugged" after every page.

Daddy Loves Me (Hardcover), by DK Publishing. Earlier this year, my husband found "Mommy Loves Me" at the library, and our little one really enjoyed it. So when I saw "Daddy Loves Me," I knew we had to bring it home. It is a small board book, with a slightly puffy cover, and real photographs of dads and babies throughout. My favorite two-page spread shows a Daddy and son standing back to back "My daddy thinks he's very tall," and then with the son on his Dad's shoulders, "But I'm the biggest of them all!" It's a sappy book, for sure, but it's sweet, and babies love photographs of other babies. I think this makes a wonderful present for new dads around father's day.


"With Daddy's help, I do great things / I climb, I slide, I fly on swings!"

Bookworm's interest at 16 months: He enjoys this one very much.

Hop on Pop (Beginner Books(R)) (Hardcover), by Dr. Seuss. This is one of those famous Dr. Seuss books that I had never read (at least that I can remember), so I thought we'd give it a try. Unlike the other Seuss early readers we've read, this has a couple of short words in big bold all caps on each page, clearly targeting those learning to read. A sentence follows beneath the words on each page. It makes it a little awkward to read aloud, but we just dropped the capitalized words and went with the sentences, and then it worked fine. This is a fun book with a number of different scenarious/storylines contained in its 64 pages.


"HOP POP We like to hop. We like to hop on top of Pop. / STOP You must not hop on Pop."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: Our little guy loves to hop on me (as I say "oof!"), so that is what made me think we had to read this book. Now when he hops on me, he whines until I recite the hop line. He understood it was about hopping on a Dad, but since Dada was sick at the time we read it, he wasn't allowed to try it out on him. And now I'm the well established hop-ee. (Or however you might spell that made up word).

Parent's Peeve: I don't really care for pages 14-16 ("DAY PLAY We play all day. / NIGHT FIGHT We fight all night. / HE ME He is after me. / HIM JIM Jim is after him.") Besides the idea of fighting all night not really being a good lesson for kids, the "HIM JIM" page shows a boy biting a creature's tail. It's just a little creepy.

What are your favorite children's books starring Dads?


Karen said...

Oh, Father's Day is coming up? Thanks for the reminder! You are so on top of things! I have a cute one to share, I love my Daddy. It is gorgeous. Will post about it!

Karen said...

There we go -- I Love My Daddy, by Sebastien Braun. It's a beautiful book. I took the photos of it last year and I was saving them for a Father's Day post, I am so happy your post reminded me! It would have been a shame to have to wait another year to do it!

Britt said...

We just got CrocoDaddy. It seems really cute, but we haven't managed to read the whole thing yet!

ReadingTub said...

Y-E-S! An excuse (I mean reason) to go to the bookstore! Since Dad does the bedtime reading most nights, we always pick out a new children's book for his gift. Last week, Catherine pulled The Daddy Mountain from her shelf ... it's been an every night staple for a week.

Lisa said...

We have a Karen Katz book that seems similar to this one, the name escapes me, of course. Counting Kisses? Something like that.

teachingyoungchildren said...

We took Hop on Pop from the library twice by now. Both times I hated it and Anna was lukewarm. I agree with you - it maybe a good phonics book, but the text is really not that engaging for a young child.