Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day / Nonfiction Monday

In honor of both Memorial Day and Non-Fiction Monday, I'm reposting a review of a patriotic-themed book from our shelves. The review was written when he was 13 months old, but it is still accurate today at 18 months.

My Red, White & Blue (Musical Board Book) (Board book), by Sally Williams Chapin. This patriotic board book would make a nice gift around the Fourth of July, or to any budding history buff. It includes a large "push me" button that plays the Star Spangled Banner. The button is easily operated by small fingers. The accompanying text tells the story of the American flag, beginning with its creation by Betsy Ross.


"Betsy Ross got busy with her needle, thread and thimble,/When General Washington asked her to make/Our country's greatest symbol."

Bookworm's interest at 13 months: The button, of course!

Parent's Peeve: The rhymes seem a little forced, but I guess I can live with that in exchange for him getting a mini history lesson.

Thanks to Mommy's Favorite Children's Books for the idea to post a patriotic book for Memorial Day. You can find more Non-Fiction Monday books at the Miss Rumphius Effect this week.

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