Saturday, May 9, 2009

New children's books

Thanks to the generosity of Penguin Press and Amanda at A Patchwork of Books, we recently received nine advance review copies of some fun new children's books. Here they are, roughly in order of the bookworm's interest (most are geared toward slightly older kids).

Kitty Up! (Hardcover)(ARC), by Elizabeth Wojtusik. A fun little book for cat lovers (and especially families with cats and dogs). The book's simple repetitive text follows around a kitten through his day, including some playful snuggling with a dog, sleeping and dreaming, and frolicking around outside.


"Kitty hunt. Kitty creep. / Kitty drowsy. Kitty sleep."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: This was his favorite of the bunch of ARC's. He likes searching for the butterfly on a number of the pages. He also loves the last couple of pages, which just feature little drawings of the cat in various positions, like in a pot, hiding under clothes, etc.

All of Baby, Nose to Toes (Hardcover)(ARC), by Victoria Adler. Baby's cute body parts star in this rhyming book perfect for the youngest readers.


"Baby's got a nose, a neat little nose. / Sniffs at a rose nose. Honks when it blows nose. Wrinkles when it goes nose - goes kerchoo. Who loves baby's nose? / Me! I do."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: He really enjoys this one, especially when we take the time to show him his corresponding body part.

Parent's Peeve: If I thought it a bit corny at first, I quickly forgave the author, since the little guy loves it.

Doggone Dogs (Hardcover)(ARC), by Karen Beaumont. As the title suggests, dogs abound in this playful story of an owner outnumbered by his fun-loving, mischief-causing canine population. The illustrations have a unique caricature feel to them.


"'COME, DOGS! SIT, DOGS! LIE DOWN! STAY!' Doggone dogs do not obey. They turn and run the other way!"

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: He doesn't usually make it through the whole thing.

Be Gentle With the Dog Dear (Hardcover)(ARC), by Matthew Baek. This tale follows the troubles of Tag, the beloved family pet who faces the unbridled affection of baby Elisa. It's a situation I'm sure any cat- or dog- owning family with young kids will relate to.


"There there's Elisa, their daughter. She's a precious baby ... when she's sleeping. / Other times she's not so precious. Like when ... she squeeze Tag,..."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: I don't think we've made it through it yet, although he was somewhat interested, so I'm going to keep trying.

A You're Adorable (Paperback)(ARC), by Martha Alexander. Cute alphabet book to the 1940's tune of "A You're Adorable."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: He likes when I start to sing, but loses interest. I think he'll enjoy it with a few more tries.

Bridget Fidget and The Most Perfect Pet (Hardcover)(ARC), by Joe Berger. Bridget Fidget describes the arrival of a large box for unicorn-loving Bridget and her sidekick Captain Cat. Page by page follow Bridget unpacking the box (which she's certain contains a new pet), as it gets smaller and smaller, the possibilities for what it could be dwindling...


"This box wouldn't open. Bridget sniffed it. It didn't smell. Bridget shook it. It didn't squeak. Bridget rolled it. It didn't skitter. Maybe it's NOT a mouse."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: None (too young).

Welcome to the Zoo! (Hardcover)(ARC), by Alison Jay. In an original "cracked" illustration style (apologies to the illustrator; I don't know the formal term!), this textless picture book features packed scenes of the zoo. Not the ordinary animals in cages kind of zoo; monkeys fill the trees, ride on tire swings, read books, and buy ice cream from the vendor alongside the guests. Bison, raccoons, porcupines, and all manner of animals similarly partake in the lovely afternoon.

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: I can't explain it, but he won't let me turn to even the first page. I'll have to try harder to draw him in, because he would normally like being quizzed to find things in this sort of book.

School Fever (Hardcover)(ARC), by Brod Bagert. This fun poetry book is full of school-focused poems, covering a range of topics from the cafeteria to friendship, sick days to the uncontrollable urge to wiggle in your seat!


"Please forgive me if I'm rude, I'm in a very grumpy mood. I woke up to that noisy clock, It gave my brain an awful shock. I searched but couldn't find a brush, I couldn't make the toilet flush."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: None (too young).

Silly School Riddles (Dial Easy to Read - Level 3) (Hardcover), by Lisa Eisenberg. I would have enjoyed this punny riddle book when I was a kid.


"Why did the silly goose feel sorry for the math book? It had so many problems!"

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: None (too young)

What have you all been reading lately?


MaryAnne said...

Those first two books sound like titles both my kids would enjoy.

The current favorites at our house are "Night is Coming" by W. Nikola-Lisa (Johnny's favorite) and "50 Below Zero" by Munsch and Martchenko (Emma's favorite).

Infant Bibliophile said...

MaryAnne, I haven't read either of those -- we'll keep a look out for them! We're sick around here AGAIN, so we haven't been making as many trips to the library.