Monday, May 11, 2009

Ocean books (Nonfiction Monday)

We recently won a give away of two Silver Dolphin books at  I thought I'd review them today for "nonfiction Monday," which is being hosted by Book Scoops this week.

Uncover a Dolphin (Uncover Books) (Hardcover), by David Gordon. This fun book is labeled for ages 8 and up. It contains small plastic pieces that make it unsuitable for infants prone to mouthing toys. The book's unique design features a model of the inside of a dolphin, including the skeletal, cardiopulmonary, and digestive systems, among others. This would be great for young kids interested in ocean life and/or biology. The text is quite detailed and full of information I didn't know.


"Underwater 'Aunties' [:] The arrival of a newborn dolphin is usually greeted with enthusiasm by other dolphins nearby. Sometimes, one dolphin will serve as a personal attendant to the new mother and her calf. This 'auntie,' in the language of dolphin watchers, may be male or female. He or she will offer assistance, helping the mother to gently nudge her calf to the surface for its first breaths of air. This auntie may be the only other dolphin that a mother will allow near her calf."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: We didn't try it, except an initial quick peek, because he is so obviously too young for it.

A Kaleidopops Book: Oceans (Paperback), by Ruth Martin. This is a fun, informative popup book featuring a range of colorful fish and sea creatures. There is a lot of text, making the book suitable for older readers (recommended for ages 5 and up according to the book cover), but younger ones should enjoy the popups and bright, clear illustrations too.


"Mandarin fish. The vivid colors of the mandarin fish warn predators that it is covered in a slime that smells and tastes disgusting!"

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: We've had bad experiences with popup books in the past (and vacuums, and packing tape.. but that's another story), so I was a bit hesitant to open this one up. But he enjoyed it right away and didn't seem to mind the popups, at least this time. He also likes the noise the cover fish makes when you run your nails over it.


MaryAnne said...

These books sound really interesting, although a bit old for my kids at this point... my kids might enjoy the pop-ups in the second book, but they would probably destroy it (we're still learning to be kind to pop-ups at our house).

violet said...

Dolphin's innards - what a concept! You're wise to keep baby away, though, till later. Both sound like interesting and fun books (for the right ages).

Violet ( )