Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick review (Berenstain Bears' New Baby)

The Berenstain Bears' New Baby (Paperback), by Stan Berenstain. I always loved Berenstain Bear books when I was younger, so I was very excited to see this children's book about welcoming a new baby home (to any relatives reading this: no, no new baby on the way for us). As the title suggests, the story revolves around the birth of "Small Bear"'s sister. Papa Bear takes Small Bear out to build a new bed, as he has outgrown his old bed, and meanwhile, Mama Bear manages to give birth to a baby girl. Small Bear seems quite content with the discovery that the new addition to the family has taken over his old bed, and the book ends on a happy note: "That night he stretched out proudly in his bigger bed. 'Aah!' he said. 'Being a big brother is going to be fun.' May all of you with new additions on the way have such an easy birth and seamless transition.


"...'You outgrew it just in time,' called Mama Bear from the next room. 'Come and see.' / It was true! There was his snug little bed with a new little baby in it. Small Bear had outgrown his snug little bed just in time for his new baby sister. And now he was a big brother!"

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: He enjoyed the first few pages, but lost interest. He's still too young for it at this point. I can't wait until he can enjoy these as much as I did.

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Cristina said...

OMG! A classic! We had the blue hardcover version of this book. I remember having it read to me when my first sister was on the way (I was 3), and then reading it to my sisters every time a new one was on the way. (We are 4 girls.) I can't wait to have a reason to read it to B! I'll have to steal the entire B. Bears collection from my mom's house. :)