Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trucks galore

We made a fun splurge purchase today (more on that below), and it reminded me that we have a couple of transportation books here that we haven't yet shared reviews of.  So for all of the other truck-loving children out there, we recommend:

My Big Machine Book (Board book), by Ellen Kirk. This board book bears the Smithsonian Institute name on its cover, which caught my eye. It's a sturdy, simple board book with real photographs and one sentence of explanatory text (see excerpt) per vehicle. The "machines" are all construction type vehicles, which suits my little reader just fine.


"Builders must dig a deep hole. What big machine do they need? An EXCAVATOR!"

Bookworm's interest at 18 months: It seems like something else is always catching his eye when we're reading this, but I'd still recommend it wholeheartedly. I think he just has a lot of truck books at the moment.

School Bus (Hardcover), by Donald Crews. For school-bus loving kids (I must not have the only one), this book can't be beat. From front cover to back, it is filled with bright yellow buses. The text is scant (the excerpt is about as long as it gets, and some pages just contain words like "STOP.") The illustrations are clear and bright. A fun addition to a transportation library.


"Empty yellow buses cross the town."

Bookworm's interest at 18 months: It was "buh buh buh buh" overload! He had to say "buh" for every bus, and the entire book is full of buses. I could barely get the text out over his shouting.

And our splurge? We picked up these three uber cool trucks for the backyard. They're indoor/outdoor use, and made from recycled plastic and wood. They feel like plastic, but smell like wood! I have been wanting to buy our little guy some outdoor trucks, but he showed no interest at all in the stores when I showed them to him (strange). I guess he was waiting for an environmentally-friendly set, because he was crazy happy to play with these in the store and at home.

How cool are they?!

You can read all of our transportation related book reviews here. We LOVE recommendations, so feel free to comment with any suggestions for our bookworm.


MaryAnne said...

Those trucks look great!

Amy said...

I love all of DOnald Crews' books. We have "Parade" and my 15 month old loves it. We have read School Bus, and Freight Train, and some others. Nice and simple language! Love this blog!

Karen said...

The trucks look awesome! So does the school bus book. Thanks for sharing!