Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vroom vroom: more truck books

Two more transportation books entered our life this week...

First Picture Trucks (First Picture Board Books) (Board book), by Emma Helbrough. Kudos to Dad for finding this book at the library with the bookworm. Each two page spread in this large board book features a different vehicle, and a few sentences about it. I like that the sentences are scattered around, so they don't seem like too much text for small readers, even though the book contains more information than a typical board book. Parts of the trucks are also labeled (like, for the concrete mixer, "water tank," "drum," and "chute.") The trucks pictured are actually photographs of toy trucks, which gives the book a playful feel. The last two pages contain photos of all of the trucks, as well as different items included on the earlier pages, and challenge readers to spot them in the book. Trucks included are: container truck, dump truck, desert rescue truck, concrete mixer truck, fire truck, flatbed truck, and rubbish truck." It just occurred to me that the book uses British terminology like "rubbish" (as does Dad). It was published in London.


"Concrete mixer truck This truck brings concrete for builders to use. Filling the truck Wet concrete pouts into the truck's drum. The drum turns to stop the concrete going hard / At the building site, the concrete pours down a chute."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: He enjoys this one, but that is no surprise! Dad was quite impressed that after 1/2 day with it, he can already recognize a "desert rescue truck."

Transportation: A Pictorial History of the Past One Thousand Years (Millennium) (Library Binding), by John Hamilton. Another library sale find, this book is intended for children older than our bookworm, but he enjoys flipping through it. Each page contains a good deal of text, coupled with small photos and the occasional diagram. See the excerpt for an idea of the reading level. I haven't actually read all of the text yet, so I can't review it properly, except to say that it looks interesting and is a fun flip-through for us.


"Jet Engines There are three common types of jet engines: the turbojet, turboprop, and turbofan. All work on the principle of mixing compressed air with fuel, creating large amounts of thrust that propel jet aircraft at high speeds."

Bookworm's interest at 17 months: He enjoys the cover most of all. He recently learned signs for "car" and "motorcycle," and he does them whenever he sees this book.


sunnymama said...

We got the first book from our library and had to keep renewing it because Sunnyboy loved it so much!

Valerie said...

Trucks and cars aren't just for boys, either. My daughter enjoys learning all about them, and was a big fan of the first book as well. There are all sorts of trucks in there!

Infant Bibliophile said...

Glad to hear your kids both enjoyed that first one too!

Cristina said...

We'll have to get that "first picture trucks" book! Bertrand loves trucks too! I seriously don't get the fascination, but whatever works.

MaryAnne said...

I think you're right, our sons would get along! My little guy is obsessed with cars and trucks, he calls anything with an engine and wheels "Bob a biller" (Bob the Builder - which is what his sister calls trucks). I haven't read either of these books, we'll have to see if we can find them.