Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Spy a Great Book

When I was expecting our son, I made him a baby quilt... I scratched the pastels and typical baby patterns in favor of a large, fun "I Spy" style quilt, with two of each novelty square.  We used it to cover him on cold winter walks in his first few months, then for "tummy time," picnics, and, recently, as a matching game.  So when I was lucky enough to win an I Spy book from a give away at Crazy For Kids Books recently, I was thrilled.  It arrived this week and was an instant hit.

I Spy A To Z (Hardcover), by Jean Marzollo. Real photographs of objects, from toy cars and trains to paperclips and crayons, fill the pages of this book. Text at the bottom of each page highlights four items for the reader to locate, in the typical "I Spy" language. There is a loose alphabetical order to the items, with every page or two focusing on a new letter, which is highlighted in red in the text. This is our first I Spy book, and we had a great time with it. For the most part, I ignored the text at the bottom and just asked our little guy to find whatever items I thought he would recognize, or new words I wanted to teach him.


"I spy a baseball, a marble that's blue, a bucket of sand, and a block with a 2."

Bookworm's interest at 20 months: He has a blast with it! He always loves being "quizzed," so I knew this book would be a big hit. I'm thinking we'll have to hunt down other I Spy books for him. I know he'll love them.

Do you read I Spy books?  What are your favorite titles?  We'd love some recommendations on which ones to read next.


Pam said...

Wow, that is truly fantastic! I haven't read an I Spy book in a very long time but I'm tempted to go read one, now. How very cool!

Christy said...

I have to get this book. My children love I Spy books!

Lisa said...

I really want to make an I Spy quilt. I'm collecting bits of fabric, but it's slow going since I don't usually buy things with useful prints. How big is each square on yours?

Infant Bibliophile said...

Hi Lisa,
I think mine were 4 inches (so 3.5 finished). If that size works for you, email me your address and I'm happy to send you some. I have a whole bag of "juvenile" scraps for ispy quilts. Also tell me if you want repeats (I did two of every one) or not.

Annette said...

I lilke the light and dark colors in your quilt!

I've learned that I spy is great for increasing word vocab, too, by asking, "What's that?"

I think I've said this before, but I think it's cool that you are a lawyer turned mom. AND I have a perpetual mess...and blame/d the same things!

Lisa said...

Can we work out a trade on the scraps? I'm sure I have SOMETHING worth trading in the stash.

I will email!

(ARGH can NOT get the letters right today! third times the charm...)

Rebecca said...

Love the quilt! I Spy books are popular with my son, we've also started playing I spy when passing time. It's fun and he really likes trying to find things etc.

There are often I Spy board books that are seasonal - Valentine's day, Christmas ect. which are fun too!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Both boys love I Spy! Although personally I can not stand the props they use in the photos. Very dated. I've picked up a few secondhand and my kids just tear them to shreds.