Saturday, July 25, 2009

It IS a Summery Saturday Morning here

I'm scheduling this post to publish next weekend, on an appropriate day of the week.  We love this latest addition to our home library, sent from the grans in New Zealand!

A Summery Saturday Morning (Picture Puffin) (Paperback), by Margaret Mahy. A family's expedition to the beach on a "summery Saturday morning" ends in some unexpected excitement when their dogs chase a gaggle of geese ("chasing things is what dogs like on a summery Saturday morning"). Much of the text is repeated three times (see excerpt), which makes for a sing-songy read. In fact, I sing it when I read it (and the made up song keeps getting stuck in my head all day!).


"If you want to walk in peace, walk in peace, walk in peace, don't let your dogs upset the geese on a summery Saturday morning."

Bookworm's interest at 20 months: He really likes this one. I find myself singing a line of the text aloud now and then when it's stuck in my head, and he always races out of the room to get the book for me to read it to him. He sits in rapt attention as I read it, and points to various things in the playful illustrations (boats, lighthouses, cats, etc.).

Am I the only one who gets children's book text stuck in my head like songs? I find this happens to me often with rhyming books.


Jennifer said...

This reminds me of a series of little picturebooks I recently got for our library by Sarah Garland. Going Swimming, Going Shopping, Doing the Garden, etc. They have similar illustrations and simple text about everyday activities. Of course, they are British imports, so some of the daily activities are a little different, but I think you both might enjoy them!

Infant Bibliophile said...

Thanks Jennifer -- we'll check them out!