Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sticker time

We have a couple of sticker books lying around our house that are twice as thick as they were when we bought them.  Stickers have been stuck upon stickers upon stickers.  They peek out the edges from their cock-eyed placement or from the stickiness gradually wearing off.  Occasionally they hide beneath blankets or behind couches, because, as loving as we are as parents, sometimes we just can't bear to do one more sticker.  Our most popular sticker book for a few months has been a pirate themed one found at the local supermarket.  I hadn't been able to find others with that many stickers.  I also wasn't able to locate any other copies or similar styles (except a princess theme).  That is, until Nana was visiting, and we set her on the task.  She raided Babies R Us and showed up with an armload.  We picked one to give to the little guy right away (Things that go), and left the rest hidden away for when we need them.  I broke another out today, since he's sick (AGAIN, ugh), and he's been loving it all night.  

Things That Go (Dk Sticker Encyclopedia) (Paperback), by DK Publishing. Our little one loves trucks, cars, buses, and trains. He also loves stickers. So it doesn't get much better than this book, in his eyes. In addition to more than 600 colorful photograph stickers of all manner of transportation vehicles, the book contains two main types of activities. Pages of categories (Trucks, Buses, Steam trains, etc.) contain information about the vehicles and outlines that the reader matches up with stickers found elsewhere in the book (the stickers appear next to their proper names, making matching easier). Separate pages labeled generally, "Road," "Air," "Ocean," etc. allow for placement of the remaining stickers which don't match the outlines. These provide nice flexibility, especially for younger readers, who won't be able to match specific boats to their outlines, but know that boats go in the water, airplanes in the air, etc.


"Canal and riverboats. For centures, barges and riverboats were the easiest way to take people and goods along inland waterways, and they are still in use today. Some barges have sails, which allow them to travel out into the open sea."

Bookworm's interest at 20 months: Love, bordering on obsession. This week we've left it up on his booster seat, and we bribe him to eat by doing the sticker book with him. He can remove stickers himself by scrunching up the page, but he really only wants to do it with one of us sitting with him, commentating on each sticker he selects, and helping to choose where it should be stuck down. We don't generally read the informational text, as he's far too interested in the stickers to pause for it.

Farm Animal Friends: A Mega Sticker Book (Paperback), by Siobhan Ciminera. This is possibly my favorite sticker book so far, for a few reasons. It contains more than 750 stickers, mostly of farm animals (but also flowers and Easter egg decorating designs). What I prefer in this book over other, similar, books is that the pages with the stickers instruct you to the set of pages that the stickers should be placed upon (like, "use these stickers on pages 28-29"). It saves a lot of useless flipping. Also, the variety of activities are great. Some pages just include a scene (like an open field and barn) on which the stickers should be placed, but others focus on color placement (bright flowers to be placed on a rainbow by color), numbers, matching stickers to outlines, matching pairs of animals, and identifying animal sounds. I think this would make the book appealing to a wide range of ages. There is, however, far less informational text (none really) than the "Things That Go" sticker book, for instance.


"Clip! Clop! Clip! Clop! The horses are on the move. Add the horse stickers to the pasture scene."

Bookworm's interest at 20 months: He has really been enjoying this. We sat outside in the shade on a glider and used it for 1/2 hour straight this evening (stopping only because Daddy came home), and then he brought it to me a few more times later before bed. At first, he was interested in the cats, horses, and cows - just placing them on there appropriate pages. Then he started the counting activities, with a lot of help (he can count to 3). Tonight, he enjoyed the rainbow color pages.

Do your kids like sticker books? Have any favorite titles to share? Did you have sticker books when you were younger? I loved to collect stickers when younger, but I don't remember this type of activity book. When I tried to find sticker collecting books last year, it didn't seem they existed anymore. I considered making our own, but now that I see how much he loves this activity style version anyway, I feel less motivated.


Christy said...

Sticker books are very popular in our house. We usually find ours at the grocery store. C loves Marvel superhero sticker books. R is happy with anything pink or princess filled. They will be entertained with any type of sticker book though.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Stickers are certainly popular in our house, but glue is a lot more popular :) We had one activity sticker book from Priddy (I think) - first it had an ABC theme, then it was animals, colors, etc. Anna liked it, but she wasn't wildly interested in placing stickers on outlined shapes within the book. She'd much rather stick them on clean sheet of paper. I found some small sticker books at a Dollar Store - it comes with a couple of sheet of stickers on a certain theme (for example, ocean) and also has a nice little book for sticker placement. I haven't given that to Anna yet - saving for a long flight from CA to NJ :)

By the way, I gave you an award on my blog - http://learningwithmouse.blogspot.com/2009/07/blogging-matters.html

Infant Bibliophile said...

Thank you so much for the award!! And for the reminder to check out our local dollar store more often. The last time we went (many months ago), we bought a baseball ball and wiffle ball set for $1, and I pledged to go back again soon.

MaryAnne said...

The Farm Animal Friends sounds really fun! I've gotten my kids a couple of coloring books that came with stickers, and they like to play with those. The stickers from one of the coloring books, though, don't stay stuck to anything - including the coloring book. It's convenient since it means I'm not peeling stickers off of things, but frustrating since they can't get the stickers to stay put.