Sunday, August 23, 2009

Enjoying some early readers

Here are a couple of easy readers we've been enjoying this week (although we're certainly not up to easy reader level yet).

In a People House (Bright & Early Books(R)) (Hardcover), by Dr. Seuss. In this fun, simple book, a mouse gives "Mr. Bird" a tour of a People House. A great vocabulary-building book for the youngest crowd, A People House inventories the items in the home, in Dr. Seuss's wonderful rythmic style. It's nice to find a book that is both a picture book, in the sense of a word identification sort of book, and also has a storyline and rhyming, fun-to-read text.


"Banana bathtub / bottles brooms That's what you find in people's rooms."

Bookworm's interest at 21 months: He really enjoys this book. He knows many of the words in it already, and tried to say a few of them ("banana" is a word he just learned to say last week, for instance). He's brought this to me many times to read. I'm looking forward to when he can practice reading it himself.

Are You My Mother? (Hardcover), by P.D. Eastman. As a mother bird flies away to fetch some food for her about-to-be-born egg, the baby bird hatches. "Where is my mother?," he asks, and goes off to find her. He encounters all manner of animals, asking each in turn: "Are You My Mother?" He even asks a boat and (can you see the excitement in my son's eyes?) a DIGGER, which the author refers to as a "Snort." After a bit of an adventure with the Snort, baby bird ends up back safely in his nest, and of course his mother returns.


"'Yes, I know who you are,' said the baby bird. 'You are not a kitten. You are not a hen. You are not a dog. You are not a cow. You are not a boat, or a plane, or a Snort!' 'You are a bird, and you are mother.'"

Bookworm's interest at 21 months: Loves it.

Parent's Peeve: I think I might prefer if the "snort" was driven by someone.

When looking at Are You My Mother on, I realized that all of these early readers are also available in Spanish (makes sense, but it just never occurred to me to buy the English and Spanish versions... I keep looking for good bilingual story books.). I think it would be so fun to own English and Spanish versions of some of these.

Do you remember learning to read? If so, did early readers like this help? I can't really remember. I remember big flip charts at school that we used in "reading groups" (segregated by level of reading ability). But I can't remember which books taught me to read.


Joannof10 said...

I also remember being divided up into different reading groups and the joy I felt at being moved into the top "green" group!!
We learned with good old, Dick and Jane....these have been reprinted and these were the first "sight word" books that my kids used to learn to read...

Infant Bibliophile said...

How funny - I just wrote a review of one of the Dick and Jane books today, but didn't post it. I didn't think to combine it with these.

Christy said...

I remember learning to read but I don't remember the books. My son is learning to read with Bob books right now and he enjoys them.

Are You My Mother is a fav in our house!

MaryAnne said...

We have a bunch of Early Reader books, but not the two you reviewed here. They sound like fun, though.

I also learned to read with the "Dick and Jane" books - and phonics tapes and worksheets.

Infant Bibliophile said...

Christy, I've heard of the Bob books, but I've never seen them. I'll have to take a look.