Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Hopping

Here are a few interesting and fun things that have come across my Google reader this week -- some on the topic of children's books and some off topic:

I love this Write to Grandma Kit at Frugal Family Fun.  What a fun idea! 

I'm definitely going to try this delicious sounding Orange Chicken recipe at A Year of Slowcooking.  Have you seen this site?  I became a little obsessed with reading it for a week or two after I first discovered it, and it inspired me to buy my first slow cooker last month. 

There is mild drama over the shortlists for Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW), and some interesting posts about the judging process.  You can see and vote for the shortlists here.  I've only skimmed some of the comments, like those on this post at Lost in Books.  I'm a little less excited about BBAW (which starts September 14) than I was a few weeks ago, not because I wasn't shortlisted (I truly didn't expect to be, although of course it would have been nice), but because . . . well, I won't add to the drama.  I might just have my own Stay at Home Mom Blogger Posting About Kids Books and Crafts and Other Stuff (SAHMBPAKBCOS) Appreciation Week sometime next fall.  I know quite a few of you who could join in.  Anyway, I am still going to try to participate in the BBAW daily themed posting next week, because it seems fun.

Tara Lazar at Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) posted today about a really cool-sounding site called Storybird, where you can design your own children's books, and even work on them collaboratively with other members of your family and friends scattered around the globe.  It looks like a lot of fun.  I'm going to look at it more fully with my son tomorrow.

What have been your favorite posts this week?


MaryAnne said...

I loved that post on Valerie's blog this past week too. Thanks for the reminder to revisit the year of slowcooking blog - I love my slow cooker, but I'm also a novice and I need to learn more things to make in it.

I was disappointed to see your blog didn't make the shortlist. I love the idea of a SAHMBPAKBCOS appreciation week =)

Britt said...

Ooooh Slow Cookers... I love my slow cooker...

Sad you didn't make the shortlist. Love the SAHMBPAKBCOS idea though!! I'd play!

I've been ignoring the drama... :D

Lisa said...

My best friend also sent me that slow cooker recipe. We tend to use ours more in the winter, when it's dark already when you get home it's nice to have dinner waiting.

Belle said...

I'd join in on a SAHMBPAKBCOS appreciation week - I'm a work-at-home mom, but we homeschool our little one so we're very big on kids books and crafts around here!

And thank you for the link to Storybird - I'm off to check it out now. Sounds like fun!

Infant Bibliophile said...

Since not all crafty book loving moms are stay at home, maybe it should be, let's see... Crafty Bookish Blogging Moms Week. Or, hey, just BloMo - blogging moms week. I crack myself up.

Britt said...


taralazar said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. My kids are wild for Storybird. Have you tried it with your son yet?

Thanks for the post about house books. I can't recall ever seeking out that subject, but Jack's House looks awfully cute.

My daughter usually request animal books of some sort. If ever you need a dog book or a horse book recommendation, just let me know! LOL!

Infant Bibliophile said...

I did try it with him briefly, tara -- what a fun site! Thanks for alerting us to it. Our guy loves books about dogs and horses, too! Well, come to think of it, he's never asked me for a book about horses (though he loves them). I guess the time will come! We have a few Little Black books around here I can use in a pinch.