Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do Donkeys Dance? Do Monkeys Tweet?

Last week, I posted about my son's enjoyment of Do Lions Live on Lily Pads. Nice mom that I am, I went back this week and picked up two more titles by the same author:

Do Monkeys Tweet? (Hardcover), by Melanie Walsh. Like the other books in this series, this one depicts various animals engaged in unusual (for them) activities, with a question posed to the reader. "Do horses bark?," "Do little mice purr?," etc. The answer (always, until the last page, a resounding, "no!") is answered on the following page, with the proper creature performing the activity. It's a short, simple book, with enough repetition to engage the toddler set.


"Do horses bark? / No, dogs do. Woof! Woof!"

Bookworm's interest at 22 months: He seemed a bit hesitant about that cover image of the monkey at first, but now he's read it a few times. He likes it, almost as much as the first in this series. He shouts out, "no!" each time he turns the page.

Parent's Peeve: Same issue of the cover not being in the book. (Cute how the monkey is hanging upside down on the back cover, though).

Do Donkeys Dance? (Hardcover), by Melanie Walsh. Same format as the other two books in the series. This one includes, among others, a hopping hippo, hanging cat, and leaping turtle.


"Can a ladybug stand on one leg? No, but a flamingo can."

Bookworm's interest at 22 months: He enjoys it, shouting out the usual "no." I struggle to slow him down to see if he's actually digesting what the question is. The last page asks, "Can you fly up in the sky?" and he always shouts, "no!" (can't say he's wrong about that), but the actual answer is "Yes! Bon voyage!" with an illustration of an airplane. So, after a few reads, he now yells "no!" and then, after he turns the page, "sneaky!" because it's sort of a trick question. :)

Parent's Peeve: If it's on the cover, it should be in the book. OK, I'll stop saying that now. Until the next review. Also, for an animal that hops, I think a bunny would have been better than a flea.

When I read books as an adult, I often will find one author I love and then rush through everything he or she has written. I remember when our son was very young, he LOVED a board book called Peek-a-Who by Nina Laden, so I went online and ordered every one she'd written (not a huge fan of library board books when children are still putting things in their mouth)(I reviewed all four of the Nina Laden books here). For the most part, though, we tend to hop around from author to author.

What authors have been such hits with your kids that they've sent you back for more?


modernmilkmaid said...

My son is just 5 months old, but I've been reading to him since the start and he seems to really enjoy it.

I'm a complete bookworm myself, so I'm wondering if he'll take after me the way your son does in that way!

It's difficult to say which books he likes more at this age, but he does seem to get very attentive when I read any Frog & Toad or Eric Carle books! :)

I'm enjoying reading your blog and I plan on picking up some of these choices! :)

Raising a Happy Child said...

A lot of authors have been hits with us at different ages. All Priddy books were well received early, Eric Carle (of course), Lois Ehlert (love her), Marc Brown (Arthur's series, never a movie), Frank Asch (Moonbear series), Nancy Tafuri (more at your son's age), Leo Lionni. I usually like to balance my library pickings with some known books and some new authors, and I always excited to find another one that works for us.

Britt said...

Seriously, if you're going to put it on the cover, PUT IT IN THE BOOK. I'm with you, it drives me crazy.

We LOVE Mo Willems. He's probably the one we come back to the most. Though Kate Mcmullan and Jim Mcmullan have several fun ones too. We've been kind of collecting theirs lately. (I'm Dirty just became a BARGAIN book on Amazon!! Yea!!)

Infant Bibliophile said...

Britt -- how old were they when they started liking Mo Willems? We've read a couple of Pigeon books, but he doesn't "get" them or really enjoy them yet. I bought Knuffle Bunny because it was just so cute and he kind of likes that one. I agree he's fantastic. I've never read about by the Mcmullans, so I'll have to check those out.

Raising a Happy Child -- Roger Priddy is the master of first books, isn't he? So many of our son's first favorites were Priddy books. You name a couple I'm not familiar with, so we'll hunt them down. Thanks!

Modernmilkmaid -- I'm sure he'll get your love of reading! Wonderful that you're starting him on it so young.

Britt said...

Oh, you know I hadn't thought of that. Mister likes the pigeon books, but probably more because Boo likes them than because he gets them.

Have you tried the pigeog board books, though? There's one about Things That Go and they're for a younger audience.

I think your little one would love the Mcmullan books. I'm Dirty is our favorite.

Infant Bibliophile said...

We've tried the Pigeon board books and he was ambivalent. Which is weird because he LOVES birds and he LOVES buses. Think he's a bit young for sarcasm. I'll keep trying, of course.

Infant Bibliophile said...

We've tried the Pigeon board books and he was ambivalent. Which is weird because he LOVES birds and he LOVES buses. Think he's a bit young for sarcasm. I'll keep trying, of course.

Britt said...

Yeah the sarcasm is likely a bit over his head.

It hadn't really occured (that word looks wrong no matter how I spell it) to me before how much the laughing preschooler influences the toddler's opinion on a book....

maryanne said...

I like Martin Waddell as a children's author. My favorites of his are "Owl Babies" and "Can't You Sleep, Little Bear?" The stories are sweet and he works with some wonderfully expressive illustrators!