Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review: The Everything Book by Denise Fleming

The Everything Book (Hardcover), by Denise Fleming. This book truly has a little bit of "everything." Playful poems; word identification pages with body parts, pets, and foods; the seasons; the alphabet; counting; colors; shapes; emotions; and hidden ladybugs - all are introduced briefly. Fleming created the rich, colorful illustrations by pouring colored cotton fiber through hand-cut stencils. The result is beautiful - very visually appealing and kid-friendly.


"Two Little Blackbirds. Two little blackbirds Sitting on a hill. One was named Jack And one was named Jill. Fly away, Jack, Fly away, Jill, / Come back, Jack, / Come back, Jill. Two little blackbirds Sitting on a hill. - Anonymous"

Bookworm's interest at 22 months: We first received this book at 12 months, and he had no interest in it. I recently pulled it out again, and it definitely has a lot more appeal. Some of the pages (the poems, usually) still fail to grab him, but he enjoys word book type pages, as well as the counting, shapes, and alphabet sections. He probably likes 75% of the book now, and I am betting he'll grow into the other 25%. He loves doing hand motions for the poem I've excerpted above, after we saw it in the back of a Highlights magazine a few months ago.

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Raising a Happy Child said...

We read this one relatively recently - I didn't like it too much, because it's so eclectic. Also, I am not a big fan of her illustrative style. Anna was like your Bookworm, but she was more interested in the nursery rhymes. She didn't read it for more than 5 times - in her world it's probably rating of 2 out of 10 :)