Monday, September 7, 2009

Review: Little Green Frogs (Nonfiction Monday)

Little Green Frogs (Hardcover), by Frances Barry. This book explains the life cycle from egg to frog in simple, toddler-level text. But the unique format of the fold-out pages steals the show. As the reader finishes a page, he lifts it outward, forming an ever-increasing fan shape that, in the end, reveals itself to be a large lily pad. (The author, Frances Barry, is well known for Duckie's Rainbow, which I've seen oft-praised, but haven't yet read). I'm not sure we're likely to find this one in libraries in one piece, but I think it would be great fun while it lasted (actually, we're lucky in that the Infant Bibliophile has done very little in the way of book destruction).

Bookworm's interest at 21 months: He was able to manipulate the fold out pages easily (and paid more attention to those than the text). Folding the book back together wasn't as intuitive, but he did fine with that too.

(Apparently, I use parentheses often.)

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Christy said...

HA! I use parentheses a lot too! I am also a fan of the semicolon. It's okay though because we are using them properly.

We have this book and always enjoy it. WE also have a sunflower book like this; I assume it is by the same author. (note the semicolon, and now the parentheses)

Infant Bibliophile said...

I saw the sunflower one online, too! I've been buying less books lately, so I didn't buy this one, but I think he would have enjoyed owning it. Glad your family enjoys it. And that I'm not alone in my (extraneous) use of parenthesis; or semicolons. ;)

MaryAnne said...

This book sounds really cool, but Johnny would probably destroy it given his recent behavior in the book department. Maybe I'll see if our library has it in a few months when he's a bit older...

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