Sunday, October 18, 2009

Disclosure/Review Policy

The primary aims of this blog are to record and share the reactions of our son to the books he reads, and to share our homeschooling and craft activities.  Secondary goals are to promote early literacy, provide ideas for educational activities for young children, encourage parents to read to their children, and assist with the selection of quality books.  In accordance with those goals, we occasionally accept children's board or picture books for review from publishers.  We are not paid to review these books, but we do generally get to keep the review copy sent to us.  We read the book and review it on our blog with our honest opinion.  Sometimes we keep the books, and sometimes we donate them to our local library.  On each of our reviews, we will indicate when a book that we are reviewing has been received from a publisher, generally in language such as "We received a publisher copy of X Book in order to write this review."  We do our best not to let the source of the book sway our review in any way.  When the source has not been noted in a review, it is most likely a library copy, or a personal purchase for our home collection.  We sometimes agree to host book give-aways for publishers.  At this time, we do not receive any direct monetary compensation for doing so, and the prize ships directly from the publisher or author.

In addition to book reviews, we have reviewed a small number of educational or play items, such as wooden puzzles and games.  In the future, as our son's interests expand, we may choose to review additional learning activities and board games.   When we receive a copy of a product for free in order to conduct the review, we will clearly indicate this fact in our review, but our review will reflect our honest opinion of the item.

At one time, Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile also participated in a Blog Sponsorship Program run by  Occasionally we hosted give-aways for the company, in which readers entered by leaving comments on the blog post.  In exchange, we received a "Blogger Appreciation Prize" of the same item being given away, and indicated this fact clearly in the relevant posts.  We have also received advertising funds from for advertisements appearing in our sidebar.  At this time, we have stopped participating in give aways sponsored by Uprinting, and no longer receive advertising funds from them.

We have an affiliate account with  When a reader clicks through a book title or image from Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile to, and makes a purchase, we receive a modest commission on those purchases.  It occasionally helps the Infant Bibliophile add a new book to his collection.  In the interests of full disclosure, all posts will now contain a disclosure similar to the following: "If you click on any of the links in this post and purchase anything, we may earn a small commission through our affiliate relationship with"

We occasionally post other advertisements in our sidebar or following our posts.  None of these advertisements influence the content of our blog posts in any way.  In some cases, we will receive a small commission when a reader clicks through the links and/or makes a purchase after doing so. 

If you are interested in posting an advertisement in our sidebar, or in having a children's book, game, educational item, or toy aimed at young children reviewed, you may contact us through the email address in our profile.  We will occasionally update this Disclosure/Review Policy.  If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact us.

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Sam and Boo said...

Thank you for such a well thought out disclosure and policy page. I've borrowed it as a template for my own. Do let me know if you mind.