Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Review: Bunny's Noisy Book

Bunny's Noisy Book (Hardcover), by Margaret Wise Brown. I'd read mention of this book often, but never read it, so when I spotted it at the library last week, I made sure to snatch it up. The book tells the tale of a bunny's day, from morning ("When he first woke up in the morning he didn't open his eyes. Why should he, that little bunny? He raised his ears without opening his eyes.") to nightfall ("His ears fell down and he nodded over, sound asleep in his own warm hole in the big quiet night."), with a focus on the noises he hears around him. Question marks are common, as the reader is asked to identify the cause of various sounds. As you probably know, the author Margaret Wise Brown also wrote Goodnight, Moon, which we reviewed here. Lisa McCue's sweet illustrations are detailed (I want to reach out and pet all of that soft rabbit fur), without being too busy. I like her style.


"Birds getting up out of their nests and off the branches and beating their wings. Far off - very far away - he heard a Cock Cock Cock-a-doodle Doo! What was that?"

Bookworm's interest at 22 months: He enjoys it. His favorite part is the appearance of the bees ("honeybees!"), and a close second is a tie between the rooster and the yawn. He doesn't always make it to the end, but he usually does.

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