Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: Look Whooo's Counting (Children's Books About Counting)

Look Whooo's Counting (Hardcover), by Suse MacDonald. I love this book. I'm fighting the urge to buy it, but I'm not fighting very hard. If the name Suse MacDonald sounds familiar, it may be because she authored the dinosaur "Shape by Shape" book we praised this week. Look Who's Counting follows an owl as he flies through the air and encounters different sets of animals (1 through 10). What makes the book so unique? First, the owl himself changes to reflect the numbers being counted on the adjoining page. If you look carefully at the cover image here, you'll see the numbers on the lower half of his wings. Very cool. Next, the animals themselves very subtly include the number featured on that page. The ducks flying through the air look like number 3's; the curled horns of the "big-horned sheep" look like 6's; the bodies of the spiders look like figure 8's. If you click on the book cover, you'll be taken to amazon, and you can probably peek inside the book and see a sample. The text is a simple accompaniment to the illustrations.


"Owl saw 8 spiders in a web. / She counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8."

Bookworm's interest at 24 months: He likes it very much. He loves saying "whooo whooo" when he sees the owl. He also likes to count the items.

Note: I am adding Suse Macdonald's website to our list of authors and publishers with companion activities on our right side bar; check out the link for fun coloring pages, mazes, paperdolls, and other activities.

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Activity (Sort of):

The Infant Bibliophile loves counting.  Most of the ways we incorporate learning about numbers are not formal lessons or activities.  We just count often as we go about our day.  Lately he loves to read out the numbers on houses as we walk.  As we've mentioned before (here), he loves board games too.  Some, like the Diego 1,2,3 game we reviewed here, are aimed at counting.  

But mostly he enjoys playing with our adult games.  He learned his smaller numbers from books, I'm sure (he started reading them off the page to me awhile back), but many of the larger ones - the 20's and 30's - he gets from rolling large multisided dice with his Dad.  Here are two photos of him playing, with blokus and trivial pursuit.  Being careful about choking hazards of course, take a look at your closet of games, and you might find some new forms of (free) entertainment ... and learning.

What are your favorite children's books about counting?  What are their favorite board games, adult or children's?

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maryanne said...

I need to play more counting games with my kids. Emma was always all about the alphabet, but Johnny seems more interested in counting. As for board games, I think my kids might enjoy triominoes (with supervision since the pieces are choking hazards), but I have yet to pull it out of the closet for them.

maryanne said...

Oh, completely forgot to say that that book sounds really cool!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I am so adding this book to my reading list! It's pretty impressive that your son is already so advanced in counting and numbers. I just highlighted one of the counting books that we just read - the post will come tomorrow. It's called Baby Can't Sleep and I liked that the story stands by itself and not twisted into counting as some other counting books tend to do.
We have tons of adult board games, but we didn't introduce them to Anna yet. My husband made her a special board game that we play together a lot -

Christy said...

This book sounds so cool! I have to get it from the library.

Britt said...

Another fabulously timely post for us!! Mister is really into numbers... though he has no clue what order they go in. :D Counting right now tends to go something like "one, five, ten, eight..."

Infant Bibliophile said...

@Raising a Happy Child - SO neat that your husband made her a game!! That is so up our alley. I'll have to tell my husband about that tonight.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What great counting books you two have explored! One of Emily's favorites was Ten Little Ladybugs. Now she loves reading it to Clara, but Clara is still a little too young to count. I think she likes the beautiful illustrations anyway!