Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Can You Tell Me How to Get..." (Sesame Street Books and Activities)

To any publishers awaiting reviews of books sent to us, my sincerest apologies.  I have been busy reading/singing Roger's Priddy's Christmas Carols board book 853 times (full review here).  Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas carols?  And how much I really love that my 2-year old son loves them?  Our latest game is to play "name that tune" by humming Christmas carols to him.  I can't believe how many obscure ones he knows.

I prepared this post to write about a cute "My First Manners" set of Sesame Street books he was given as a birthday gift recently.  We have read through them all a few times now, and he enjoys them.  He understands some more than others, but he'll grow into them all.  Some of them
are available on Amazon in used copy, but I'm not sure where our full (new) set came from. The titles are: All About Feelings; Please and Thank You; Let's Share; Taking Turns; Be a Friend; Working Together; Be Polite; and Good for You!  Great stocking stuffers, if you can find copies.

Other books we own that star Sesame Street characters (links go to our reviews):

When browsing the publisher's website today, I came across this title, releasing in July; it looks like a fun one.  (Reminiscent of Not a Box perhaps).

Related Activities

Our son really enjoys the interactive games on the Sesame Street website.  We especially like the Cookie Monster game with the food patterns.  I had half-heartedly tried to teach him patterning without much success (I figured he was too young - he just turned two).  After playing the Cookie Monster game a bit (with me shutting the sound now and then and helping him by almost singing the pattern), he now completely understands the concept and will get patterns right when I do them with him with glass stones.  He doesn't watch Sesame Street on TV, but we watch youtube clips now and then, and Nana is buying him this for Christmas:

What characters are your children's favorites?  I generally prefer to buy non-licensed toys like blocks, books, crayons, beads, etc., and I do think these tend to be his favorites too.  But, he'll smile when he sees Lightning McQueen, Thomas the Tank Engine, Snoopy, and the Sesame Street characters.   The Snoopy affection grew out of me buying him a Snoopy toothbrush (it's very difficult to find any without characters!), and now I have promised him a Snoopy doll soon in reward for getting better about sleeping through the night.  


Raising a Happy Child said...

It's a great review, and we are a lot like you in terms of not watching a lot of TV and trying not to go overboard with licensed clothings and toys. Still, we read books about them and watch an occasional show here and there. Anna's favorites changed over time - and they are always male characters. It was Arthur, Diego, Sid the Science Kid. I am not sure who is her favorite at the moment - still Diego, I think.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Love this review! We're getting ready for a second-wave of Sesame Street in our house with Clara starting to really get into them now. How funny that your little guy took to liking Snoopy because of a toothbrush. Emily loves Hello Kitty all because of a package of underwear!!