Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday (A Wee Bit Late)

Yesterday I was a bit out of sorts, and as the Infant Bibliophile went into a drawer and pulled out a muffin tin, I asked him to put it back.  I realized, though, that I sometimes find myself saying "no" to him without thinking about saying "yes."  What harm does it do to eat our lunch in a muffin tin?  So I changed my mind and let him pull it out, and put the lunch we had already been preparing into it. 

It was only when we were halfway through our meal that I realized it was, in fact, Muffin Tin Monday, and it wasn't until today that I learned that this week's official theme is Back to School/Learning.  It just so happens we did a semi-appropriate muffin tin activity.  We used the lunch we had already made to do patterning and counting while we ate.  Not the most aesthetically exciting Muffin Tin creation, but he loved it and did really well.  (We had allergy-friendly "muddy buddies," chicken nuggets, french fries, and bits of chocolate and sunbutter bar). 

I have plenty of books piled up to review, but as naptime is drawing to a close, I am going to post this and catch up with some book reviews later.

Are there any children's books that teach patterning?  We use some internet games, but for the most part, we just do patterning activities for fun with buttons and game pieces.  I can't think of any children's books that explicitly involve patterns.

You can read our reviews of various books about counting here.


w said...

glad he enjoyed it!

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

I can't think of any books that explicitly teach patterning, but I think books with lots of repetition build the same skill set. It seems to me that something like "going on a bear hunt", where they retrace their footsteps back to their home, is teaching a pattern. Or "Twelve Days of Christmas" (we have Jan Brett's illustrated version), where you repeat everything that came before and add one new thing with each verse.

Our Country Road said...

Very cute that your son wanted to join in the fun without being asked. Pattern books? There have to be some, but I cant think of any right this second. But, a rhyme is a literary pattern.

Ivy said...

I could be wrong but I think that the book Mouse Magic by Ellen Stoll Walsh (thank you Amazon) may teach a kind of patterning. It's in line with her Mouse Paint book and I know expands on color knowledge, but I seem to think that there are patterns involved. Can't really remember though.

Otherwise, I think coloring in the squares of a calendar in a pattern (ABAB) is a good first step toward learning about those kinds of patterns.

Tinkr said...

great MTM. It is wonderful to be able to work learning into everyday activities.
And don't worry we had MTM on Wednesday. lol

Sherri said...

I use the bugs from discovery toys and they have other too! I am not sure about books though!

The Mom I Want To Be said...

Beep, Beep, Vroom Vroom is a great pattern teaching book from the Math Start series. I just started reviewing the series on my blog, http://givinguponacleanhouse.blogspot.com/


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JDaniel4's Mom said...

I enjoyed your tin. We have muffin tin meals several times a week some weeks. JDaniel likes eating out of a tin.