Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review: Eric Carle's From Head to Toe

We have a new favorite around here this week.  As my husband said, "it has been awhile since he asked us to read a book three times in a row." 

From Head to Toe (Hardcover), by Eric Carle.  Animals each perform some characteristic act, and ask the reader (and a person on the pages with them) whether they can do it too.  The activities - turning your head, bending your knees, thumping your chest, etc. - are perfect for toddlers.  A great, fun book that has gone to the top of my list of favorite 2nd year birthday gifts.
"I am a monkey and I wave my arms.  Can you do it? / I can do it!"
Bookworm's interest at 2 years, 2 months: We read it three times in a row (and then made him get ready for bed), and he asks for it often since.  Daddy read while Mama acted out the parts, and he followed suit.  He loves it.
Parent's Peeve: The second to last page reads: "I am I and I wiggle my toe.  Can you do it?"  Shouldn't it be, "I am me."?

I'd like to buy a copy, but I need help.  Does anyone know if the board book and hardcover/paperback versions are the same?  When they are, I prefer board books for their pricetag, and being able to easily stuff them in my handbag or stroller.  Although, the large images in the full version are nice.  Maybe the paperback is the way to go.  It is $1 less than the board book anyway. 


The1stdaughter said...

We have the board book version of this book and as far as I can tell (by my own comparison) they are the same.

I agree, the board book is much easier to tote around. Now that my son is getting a little older I'm dreading carrying loads of paperback thin books everywhere, since he's intent on reading all over the place. But on the other hand I'll never discourage reading, so I'll just keep that little bit to myself.

By the way...that line bugs the heck out of me too!

MaryAnne said...

This book sounds adorable. Can't help on the board book question since we've never read it...

amy said...

my son loves the book and we always have fun reading while imitating the animals to make silly poses! we have the board book as well.

Britt said...

I have no idea if this one is the same in both book forms, but can I just express how much it irritates the living daylights out of me when they aren't the same?!!? GRRRRR!

On the "I am I" note-- checking with my cousin who's a whiz at all things grammar, it is correct. Technically it's more correct than "I am me" but it's much more formal. Current usage leans toward "I am me". :D