Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three Favorite Children's Books This Week

I seem to have lost my will to blog lately, despite the fact that we have actually been reading more than we have in months.  I'm just posting quickly to share our most recent book order (I figure it is the ultimate complement when a parent shells out the money to buy a book).  These are three books that our son (at almost 27 months) has been loving this week from the library, so we decided to add them to our permanent collection.

The Little Engine That CouldThe Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper.  I have read this just before naptime and bedtime every day since we got it from the library last week.  The bright, cheerful illustrations really do this classic story justice, and he warmed to it right away.


Truck Driver TomTruck Driver Tom by Monica Wellington.  The text is cute, but the real show stealer for our guy is the last page, which contains miniaturized versions of all of the vehicles that appear in the book, asking the reader to go back and find them.  (Cars and trucks?  A quiz?  Our infant bibliophile is there.)


The Scrambled States of AmericaThe Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller.  I posted about this recently.  He is probably too young for the text at this point, but he loves playing with the maps in the book, and I like it enough to be confident that he'll grow into the story.

What have you been reading lately?  What was the last children's book you read that you loved enough to buy it?


Christy said...

I love to buy books, but since we moved (and my husband flipped out about all of the books we had to move) I have been utilizing the library more and not buying books. We own that version of The Little Engine that Could - it's great!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I was wondering where you disappeared to. We are trying to buy books that have staying power - our last acquisition was Bill Martin Jr Big Book of Poetry. Library is definitely our friend here.

Chels said...

I hear ya! Blogging really takes up a lot of time.

I hardly ever buy books because there are so many good ones and the library 'feeds' us well! I love Usborne books and that's what I bought my son for Christmas-
The Little Book of Train Stories.

MaryAnne said...

I've been hearing about that "scrambled states" book a lot recently, we'll have to check it out. And I think Johnny would enjoy that truck book. We own the old version of "The Little Engine That Could".

Britt said...

Little Engine that Could was a childhood favorite of mine, so Mister got it for Christmas. I don't think we've sat down and read it yet, but he's looked at it a few times.

Have you read My Heart is Like a Zoo yet? I'm seriously considering buying it!

EmilyRSPS said...

Hmmmmm...This week with my Toddler groups I have been reading

"Big Little" by Leslie Patricelli
Dinosaur Roar" by Henrietta and Paul Strickland

Playing by the book said...

Sorry to hear that your blogging mojo is missing at the moment - I always look forward to reading your posts. But still, great that you're having so much fun reading that you're treating yourself to some personal copies of books - that's always fun!

Lauren said...

I just recently discovered your blog and love it! I have a budding bibliophile and your lists provide great inspiration for our weekly library/bookstore trips (we picked up Dear Zoo on your recommendation and it's been a big hit!). We have a giant board book version of 'Little Engine' and it's his favorite book to practice turning pages with =).

Jen said...

Books have actually taken over our house, so I stopped purchasing them or should I say, I try not to buy them. Instead, we check out new books from the library- cuts down on the clutter. Books we've enjoyed this week:
Henry and Mudge
Angelina Ballerina
Dogs Colorful Day
Arthur Chapter Books (read aloud)
The Biggest Snowman

My new baby's first books:
Are you my Mother?
Go Dog Go

Happy Reading!!
Creative and Curious Kids!

Shelley said...

Little Engine That Could was probably the most influential book of my childhood, read to me by a very strong and assertive mom who was managing to survive the conformist 1950's in a small town in Texas. Maybe she needed to hear it for herself! But that book certainly became a part of my thinking, for life.

Catwoman said...

We are really into Baby bear, baby bear what do you see? Been reading that one over and over. Also Llama Llama misses mama and Llama Llama red pajamas - that book is too funny - I love the illustration of the angry mama - so been there!!! LOL.
BTW I love your blog - I've found some great books to read - and we've just rediscovered the library. We had stopped going for months and just started going again - so much so my little one keeps on asking when we are going again. Wow, taking her to the library from a baby really was worth while. :)
Just a question for Raising a happy child - I was just looking for other Bill Martin Jr books and saw that poetry book the other day on Amazon. Is it worth buying?

baby sling said...

I've found some great books to read - and we've just rediscovered the library. We had stopped going for months and just started going again