Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review: Olivia

 We finally read an Olivia book!

Olivia, by Ian Falconer.  Olivia is a young, precocious and lively little girl pig, depicted in playful, tri-color illustrations of black, white, and red.  We were entertained by the entire book, which contains various snippets of Olivia's (very much human-like) action-packed day, including a trip to the art museum and a time out for painting her walls, but it was the last couple of pages that really resonated with me.  They're excerpted below.
"But of course Olivia's not at all sleepy.  'Only five books tonight, Mommy,' she says.  /  'No, Olivia, just one.' 'How about four?' 'Two.' 'Three.' 'Oh, all right, three.  But that's it!' / When they've finished reading, Olivia's mother gives her a kiss and says, 'You know, you really wear me out.  But I love you anyway.'  And Olivia gives her a kiss back and says, 'I love you anyway too.'"
Bookworm's interest at 2 years, 7 months: We could have written that negotiation -- even the numbers are right for us (5 is our upper book limit, and 1 when I'm tired).  Maybe it's my own legal background, but I can't help but reward the Bibliophile for good negotiating!  Also, we like to play a little game where I ask, "does Mama love you when you won't sleep?  Does Mama love you when you're cranky?" etc., so the "I love you anyway" theme is familiar around here.  

This was the last book we read before bed, on a five book night, so he was a little tired.  But he certainly made it all the way through, and I think he was also amused by the last few pages.  He particularly enjoyed the illustration of Olivia snuggled up against her mother in bed reading a book on the last page (as that's what we were doing as we read it), and gave me a kiss as Olivia did to her mama.  I think we'll enjoy this one for awhile, and I'm looking forward to reading some of the other Olivia books, one of which we have lined up for tomorrow night.

11" Olivia The Pig Plush Doll in Classic Red DressI was browsing other titles in the series and came across this stuffed Olivia.  How cute a gift would this make coupled with a book?  I'm a sucker for these book character stuffed animals, but I do wish that they cost a bit less.

Comment!  Do you like the Olivia series?  why or why not?  Which book in the series is your favorite? 

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Lisa said...

Did you know you can buy Olivia fabric too? The Pirate never really enjoyed Olivia but the Bug is starting to like her.

Gina said...

I was a huge Olivia fan before my daughter was born and I've successfully made her a fan too! We have all of the "real" (i.e. not the tv tie-ins) books and one Olivia doll in her Christmas jammies. I am so excited for "Olivia in Venice" this fall!

Christy said...

We love Olivia!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Both my daughter and my toddler son enjoy the Olivia books. They especially like the Christmas book and also Olivia Forms a Band. I blogged about that one here: We own a stuffed Olivia...the Borders store near us had them for a reasonable price.

If you haven't visited the Olivia the Pig website you should. There are some really cute can even make a splotch painting like Olivia's.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

We love the Olivia series as well! They are so cute!! So glad you finally got to enjoy this one! :-)

Rachel said...

That's so sweet!