Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Preschool/Kindergarten Printable: Counting Cars Activity

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As regular readers know, this week, starting Monday, we'll be starting a more formal (if you can even call it that) homeschooling system, with our "learning boxes" filled with activities.  I will post more fully about those activities at the end of the week, once I see how many we actually get to.  I have prepared enough ideas to fill all 10 boxes every day for 5 days, but I don't intend to do nearly that many.  I think we'll just grab one activity from a drawer whenever we have some downtime.

I was surprised by how easy it was to fill certain boxes (like "Fun with Numbers") with ideas, whereas other boxes ("Animals and Nature") stumped me a little more than I had anticipated.

Anyway, I thought I would try to share my first printable here, in honor of our first week with our learning boxes!  This will be the first item in his "Fun with Numbers" box this week.

Counting Cars Activity

My son has a freakishly strong grasp of geography (sadly, far better than mine!)(See 10 Geography Activities for Two Year Olds).  One of the first times we discovered this was when he turned over his hotwheels car, pointed to "made in China," and ran and got his Hugg-a-Planet to show us where China was.  After that, he would run around with his cars making us tell him which ones were from China and which ones were from Malaysia or Thailand.  So, I thought I would introduce the idea of categorizing/tallying/graphing with this simple activity.  It asks him to set three pieces of paper in front of him, with the three countries on them, and place his hotwheels cars on each paper according to where it was made (as clearly labeled on the underside of the car).  Then he'll tally them up and see where the most cars were produced.  (Edit: Oops, I mistakenly made the first printable with Taiwan, but it should have been Thailand!  I am replacing it.  Hopefully it will still display properly after the fix).

Here's the printable.  I've never uploaded a printable before, and this is my first time using Scribd, let alone my first time trying to embed a document, so please tell me if this seems to work for you.  It worked WAY too easily for me, so I am highly suspicious that some calamity will occur.

 Car Counting Activity                                                              

Want some companion book ideas?  You can access all of our reviews of children's books with a transportation theme here.  A few of our favorite car-(as opposed to just truck-)focused ones are:

Beep Beep Vroom Vroom
Cars and Trucks and Things That Go
First Discovery Cars and Trucks
Red Light Green Light
Beep Beep

We also read a lot of Disney Cars early readers around here lately.

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Ticia said...

What a great idea. We need to incorporate more graphing, but I haven't really yet.

Christy said...

Fantastic! I love the idea of looking at toys to find out where they were made and then finding that place on a map.

The document looks great!

Debbie said...

I love your ideas! I never thought of looking at toys to see where they are made then looking it up on the map.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I have a hunch that you have a few too many cars :) All ours are made in China, but I like the idea.

Infant Bibliophile said...

@Raising You have no idea! That was just one little bin worth. They are only $1 each (on sale) afterall... hard to resist at the supermarket. :)