Sunday, August 29, 2010

Morse Code

I apologize if this post seems braggy.  It is just too cute not to share.

While the Bibliophile can now speak just fine, it still isn't always easy to discern two year old speak.  He has developed a rather unique way of expressing himself.  We had this conversation at the park yesterday.  He ran up to me and asked, out of the blue:
Bibliophile: What does el mean?
Me: El?
Bibliophile: yes.  E-llllllllllllll.
Me: Like E-L?  A-L?  I'm not sure what you mean, honey.
Bibliophile: dit / di-da-di-dit
Me: Uh, how did you hear it?
Bibliophile: in Spanish
Me: Oh!  "El" means "the" in Spanish.
Last year with Daddy's ham radio
Yup, he communicates to me in morse code!  That's what you get for having a Daddy in a ham radio club.  He knows the whole alphabet in morse code, and just loves to spell words out in morse code to anyone who will listen (especially other ham radio operators).  While I do find it incredibly charming, cute, and clever, it gets a bit tricky, since I have no idea what most of the letters are in Morse Code!  

He learned Morse Code mostly from play quizzing as he and Daddy went on walks together in his stroller.  He also has a (Dad-written) computer game that they play now and then together, and I added a couple of free games/tutorials to my iPhone.  If anyone else really feels the need to teach their child this, there are plenty of free resources available online.

I am linking this post up with Science Sunday at Adventures in Mommyness.  As he gets a bit older, there will be more opportunities for ham radio related science learning.  The Bibliophile's dad helped to arrange a ham radio call with the Space Station for a local elementary school earlier this year.  We considered bringing the Bibliophile, but decided he might not be quiet at the appropriate times.  Someday, we'll also try this fun experiment (last one on the page) for making a room-to-room morse code transmitter using a battery, switch, and light.  The "key" in the photo on the left will also be wired up to something someday to make the morse code beep sounds.  As you can see, he's practicing.

For now, he just uses his Morse Code as an extra way to communicate when we can't understand him, to charm geeky strangers, and to assist his toy bath boats to make SOS calls when they are sinking.

Question: What quirky talents or interests do your kids have?


Christy said...

That is very cool! He is one bright little boy!

momnivore said...

Morse Code, wow! As a teacher, that is incredibly impressive. I am a newbie reader of your blog, but I saw you are homeschooling. You may need to bone up on some Gifted Ed resources. LMK if you need anything!

Well, my Moose is at the other end of the spectrum, and doesn't talk much at all. He's almost 3. What really impresses me is his attention span for books. He could sit thru ten books most nights and not even squirm a bit.

He also has a penchant for destroying mama's picture book collection. Luckily, said collection is in the 1000s.

Happy Homeschooling this fall! We are as well!

Ticia said...

hmmmm..... Well Batman is my go to kid if I want something actually done. Superman......I'll have to think on that one, he used to be my artist, but Batman is trying to take over that role. Princess, now she's the one who will stand toe to toe with a dragon and he will blink first.

Infant Bibliophile said...

@Momnivore thanks! We haven't really been homeschooling so far so much as just not schooling. But I am starting to do some homeschooling stuff this week. There is a big part of me that thinks that all of the homeschooling stuff I'm setting up is really just for my own amusement, because he seems to learn best just by every day interactions. I bet one day soon your son will just bust out blabbering and never stop! He's lucky having a teacher for a mom - there will be no shortage of learning opportunities for him. Thanks for commenting.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Terrific! I love that he spelled a Spanish word to you in Morse code - how awesome is that!

Phyllis said...

Wow, this is fascinating! How bright you little boy is. I can't wait to see all the adventures you two will have as he grows older.

MaryAnne said...

Very cool!

Raising a Happy Child said...

This is truly fascinating - IB is a very bright kid. I hope that he will share this hobby with daddy over years.

Britt said...

That rocks.

Mister went through a phase where he was obsessed with eye color. What 2-year-old even notices eye color? lol