Thursday, August 19, 2010

Review and Companion Sheep Crafts: Sneaky Sheep

Sneaky Sheep (Carolrhoda Picture Books) Sneaky Sheep by Chris Monroe.

"Sneaky" is one of those words that greatly amuses the Bibliophile, so it wasn't difficult to sell him on reading Sneaky Sheep when it arrived in our mailbox.  Thanks to Lerner Publishing Group, we had a chance to review a copy this week.  The book contains a cute, clever story about two "sneaky" sheep who keep trying to escape the ever-watchful gaze of their guardian dog (Murphy) to explore a new meadow. 

From the publisher's book description:

"Some sheep are anything but sheepish, and Murphy is always busy thwarting Rocky and Blossom's attempts to seek adventure outside the Low Meadow where they live . . . and for good reason.  From cliff-diving to horse-riding, fire-juggling to scissors-running, these baa-d buddies have a knack for bad decisions and the most dangerous kind of adventures.  So when a snag in one of their sneaky schemes leads to a load of trouble, can Murphy help the duo get home safely?"

The text and illustrations are both charming, and the book succeeds in blending adult-entertainng humor (like the crazed knitters chasing after the sheep) with kid-friendly appeal.  Here is what the Infant Bibliophile said after our first read-through:
Bibliophile: That was a FUNNY sheep book!
Me: Did you like it?
Bibliophile:  Yes!
Me: What did you like?
Bibliophile: You [I] liked the funny idea about the sheep flying!

Bibliophile: Who gave me that?
Me: Who sent you that book?  The author, so we would tell her if we thought other little boys would like this book.  Do you think other little boys would like this book too?

Bibliophile: Yes, because you [I] like when it says 'we could fly again.'   Or, maybe the sheep could build a pretend helicopter so the sheep could go IN the helicopter!  That's an idea!

And, later, looking at the back cover illustration of dogs playing poker: 

Bibliophile: Look at the dogs playing War!  That's like "that's silly!" (the feature in Highlights magazine).
Overall, we both really enjoyed Sneaky Sheep.  Heartily recommended.

Companion Craft Ideas

I said that we could do a companion sheep craft to go along with the book (having in mind the second craft below).  At first, though, the Bibliophile just insisted that he wanted to write another book, like we had done the day before.  So, we wrote a story, inspired by Sneaky Sheep.  Here is what he dictated to me:

 The next day, we did the sheep craft that I originally had in mind.

black construction paper for head and legs
paper template for sheep's body (I used a bit of a cardboard box)
cotton balls and/or white pom poms
googley eyes
chalk for drawing a mouth (option)

Cut out sheep body, leg, and head templates.  Cover the body with glue (or let your crafter do this - he'll need a lot anyway).  Give him a bag of cotton balls, and encourage him to cover the whole body with "wool."  Glue on face and tail pieces.  Add googly eyes and a chalk smile.  Wave your sheet around and name him something silly.  Ours is apparently named "Sumi," which isn't all that strange.  Usually things are named "Abajujumeemee" when the Bibliophile names them.

Additional recommendations:

Our shelves are full of farm animal books.  Here are a few featuring sheep that either the Bibliophile or mom particularly enjoy:

Baby MacDonald Magnetic Puzzle Book (Baby Einstein)
Baby MacDonald Magnetic Puzzle Book (Baby Einstein)

Moo Baa La La LaMoo Baa La La La

Sheep in a Jeep Lap-Sized Board Book
Sheep in a Jeep Lap-Sized Board Book
Sheep in a Jeep
Sheep in a Shop (Sandpiper Book)

 Sheep in a Shop

Comment: Have any favorite sheep crafts or sheep books to recommend?   Feel free to link up to any past posts you've done that are relevant.  We'll also be checking out Mo Willems' Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep book soon!

Disclosure: We were provided with a publisher copy of Sneaky Sheep in order to write this review.  If you click on any of the links in this post and buy anything, we may recieve a small commission through our affiliate relationship with


Sherry said...

We love "Where is the Green Sheep". It's been a favorite of all three kids. You must be familiar with that one?

Infant Bibliophile said...

@Sherry I've never heard of it - thanks for the recommendation!

Sherry said...

Oh my - you have to give it a read. You library probably has it. Or amazon:

Let me know if you love it too.

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