Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Here are some of my favorite things things that the Bibliophile said this week:

"Listen Mama, the book goes up and down when I breath through my nose!  (because it was resting on his stomach.)"

Nana asked him to spell C-A-T with his magnetic letters.  Then she said, "what word should we spell next?  Fat?  Mat?"  And he replied: "Afghanistan!"  This doesn't surprise me and his Daddy, but it is funny to those not used to his fascination with countries!

Putting together his Asia Geopuzzle,
Him: "I could go to Mongolia." 
Me: "Thats true.  I'm not sure, but I think it might get pretty cold in Mongolia."
Him: "Well, maybe I could live in Mongolia someday and I will bring a sweatshirt."

One day, after skipping yet another nap this week:
Me: How do you scam Nana out of sleep?
Him: "By saying "donotnudom *raspberry*" (and making her laugh)"
Me:  How do you scam Dada?
Him: "By saying 'You [I] want a story about dinosaurs.'"
Me: How do you scam Mama?
Him: "You [I] need a drink of water"
This is funny in how accurate it is!

Me: What do you think we should get Daddy for his birthday?
Him: How about a birthday present?
Me: Why didn't I think of that?
Him: How about... an Easter bunny!  A little one.  A baby one.  And Dada can be the Mama to the baby.  And maybe Nana could be the Dada.

I am linking this post up with Tiny Talk Tuesday.

Comment: What cute stuff has come out of your tot's mouth this week?


Raising a Happy Child said...

I love spelling Afghanistan. IB is definitely a geography buff. We have Asia Geopuzzle too, but Anna is not interested in it.

Jenilee said...

I have missionary friends in mongolia and you can tell his that it is VERY cold in mongolia! :) he might need boots too. :)

Debbie said...

These are all cute! I love the last one, Just buy him a birthday present!

MaryAnne said...

Smart kid =)