Monday, October 4, 2010

My First Photo Assignment (Pre-K and up)

My son loves the old digital camera my husband gave him to play with (a Fujifilm DX-10, with a whopping .8 megapixels).  During the summer, he took it on hikes with him, and when his Dad stopped to take shots with his camera, the Bibliophile used his too.  This week, I decided to have some fun with his fondness for photography, and I created this: "My First Photo Assignment."

My First Photo Assignment                                                            

What follows are his photographs, unedited.  I'll just add captions in case his reasoning isn't obvious.

Something shaped like a square (board book)

Something shaped like a rectangle (laundry basket holes)

Something shaped like a circle (plasma car wheels)

Something flat (rug)

Something hard (back to the laundry basket)

Something bumpy (he laid his head on the book to demonstrate that it would be bumpy to sleep on)

Something cold (refrigerator)

Something smooth (a piece of paper)

Something soft (couch)

Something fun (train table)


We both had a great time with this activity.  We'll definitely be doing it again!

I am linking this up with We Play, Sunday Best, and ABC and 123.

Comment!  Do your kids love photography too?  Do you let them use your camera?  We'd love to see their First Photo Assignment results if you try this out.

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MaryAnne said...

What a cool activity!

Christy said...

GREAT idea!

Narelle said...

I love this idea! We just gave our son our old camera the other day and he loves it! I'm not so sure that he's up to this sort of activity but I will definitely be keeping it in mind for when he's a little bit older.

Kelly said...

You are right! Taking photos with kids is just so fun! Good on you for incorporating him in your assignment.

Playing by the book said...

What a great activity. Flotsam by David Wiesner might be aimed at older kids but I think your son could still enjoy it - it's all about taking photos, and my 2 year old loves it.

Caz said...

I just love looking at the photos kids take, their perspective is so interesting. My 3yo took photos at my brothers Wedding recently and captured so many things that no one else noticed. Love the photo assignment idea, and the photos your little man took!

Ticia said...

My kids would love this! I'll have to give that a try later.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I am impressed with the photo quality. Anna has a VTech camera - a present from our friend, but to be honest, the camera takes very bad pictures in low lighting. We are thinking of getting her a simple camera for Christmas. By the way, we played a very similar photo hunt once, and it was a lot of fun.

cathy @ NurtureStore said...

What a great take on a treasure hunt. My oldest is always keen to get her hands on the camera - she'd love this. Hope you'll join the Play Academy again this Friday! Cathy :)

Infant Bibliophile said...

I'm so glad that you all like the idea. We had a lot of fun with it.
@Playing by the book - thanks for the recommendation. We will check it out!
@Raising I'm impressed that the camera is still working after all these years and that the quality is fine. I remember buying it with my husband on vacation in San Francisco, and it was so state-of-the-art.. must have been in 1999 or so.

amandab said...

If Princess' camera hadn't stoppe working we would definitely be doing this (I am thinking she might get a new one for Christmas)! She loves taking photos, but focussing her ideas (and seeing what she comes up with!)sounds like lots of fun :)

Kebeni said...

I am so going to do this with my two. They love taking photos and this would be a great home ed activity

whatdidyoudotodaymama said...

What a fantastic idea. My little one loves pretending to use the camera, once she can actually take pics will definitely have to remember this project.

Marita said...

I love this idea, really great way to expand on an already fun activity.

Kara said...

What a fantastic idea! My daughter plays with my old camera all the time but I haven't tried letting her take pictures with it yet (we took the batteries out so it wouldn't be so heavy). I am definitely looking forward to trying this!

joyfulmothering said...

Oh what a fun activity!! I never really thought to give my kids a camera. (Even a cheap one). But my daughter (8) might be interested in that and I do have an older one...hmmm. Now you got me thinkin'!

Lessons from the Boys said...

That is so fun! What a wonderful idea!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I love seeing the world through children's eyes and I think handing them a camera is a fantastic way to see what they see. I love the idea of your photography assignment, what a fun way to reinforce (and evaluate, really) learning.