Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our favorite game of the week

Fluxx 4.0We haven't done very much crafting this week, and I haven't filled the "learning boxes" at all.  We have been getting many things done outside of the house.  But, at home, we have been busy playing 1,314 games of Fluxx.  We introduced it to the Bibliophile last week.  I wasn't sure if he'd like it, because it can be a little confusing in that the rules change as you play (players change the "goal," which determines how you win, as well as rules that cover aspects of the game like how many cards you draw or play per turn).  My favorite goal is "brain no TV," in which you win if you have a brain card, but no television card.  Fluxx is labeled for ages 8 and up, but is entirely made up of cards, so no choking hazards.  It was love at first sight for our little gamer.  He has even been trading games of Fluxx for bedtime books ("how about, I have an idea, we play Fluxx two times and only read one book?").  Our little rascal is a clever one, because whether you win is very much in your control.  I have noticed a certain tendency NOT to win at bedtime, even when the obvious path to victory is staring him in the face. He's a wily one.  I wonder if we should get another themed Fluxx for his stocking this year (maybe Ecofluxx?).  If you're considering a pack as a gift, they even have a Monty Python Fluxx and a Christian Fluxx.

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Comment: Have you discovered any fun new games lately, or decided to share any new-to-them games with your kids?  What are your kids' favorite bedtime stalling tactics?

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Christy said...

This game sounds great.

I love his bedtime stalling technique!

MaryAnne said...

brain no TV sounds great to me!

This has been a great week for us TV-wise, actually. Emma is FINALLY into imaginary games, and sometimes she gets Emma and Johnny onto a theme that runs for a couple hours straight. Pure awesomeness.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I can't believe that IB is playing Fluxx already. We should try it - we have it too. We haven't tried any new games, mostly because I've been coming home after 6 most of the days and everyone was too tired to try anything new.