Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Review: Sort it Out

Sort it Out!Sort It Out

"Pack rat" collects all sorts of things - a turtle, a locket, a cherry, a ball of yarn, a tea kettle, etc.  His mother informs him one day that "enough is enough!" and orders him to "empty that stuff you've collected today!  Then sort it all out and put it away!"  So, sort it he does, into all different kinds of categories - things that are round, things with a hard outer shell, things that you use when you sew, etc.  The text is written in such a way that begs young readers to shout out the category on each page.  And a particularly astute reader might notice a wee mouse hand reaching in here and there, the owner of which is revealed in a cute conclusion to the book.
"The yarn, the needle and thread are, you know, all things that we use when we knit, stitch, or . . . sew." 
I had intended to put together a formal sorting game, with a printed list and a basket full of objects.  In practice, we have been very ad hoc with any kind of learning activities this week.  But, we have done a number of mini scavenger hunts around the house, with the book as our guide (find three things that open and close, find two things that are green, etc.).  We have read it many times over the past couple of weeks, and it has staying power.  It has been well received with every read.

Comment: What are your favorite sorting type activities? 

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Christy said...

That sounds like a good book.

welcome to our wonderland said...

we love this book!

nature sorting is sprites favorite, we gather all kinds of nature items while outside and sort them. then she returns any acorns to the bottom of the tree in a huge pile for the squirrels. :)

Raising a Happy Child said...

I like the sound of the book. Anna really enjoyed All Kinds of Families (at least that's what I think the name was) that has the same ring to it. She never sorts by command - only when she feels like it. Yesterday, for example, she suddenly pulled her collection of buttons and sorted them into different shapes.

Jackie H. said...

Logan loves sorting. I can't wait to try this book with him. Thanks for posting the review!