Monday, January 31, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Age 3 (plus getting a new baby sister, giving up naps, and half heartedly potty training) is proving to be a bit challenging around here. But it is also bringing many cute quotable moments. Here are a few from this past week.


While sitting in his little potty, he leaned forward, placed his forehead on the ground and exclaimed: "this is yoga on the potty!"


While building a Lego replica of his sister, "I bet it will be pretty because she is pretty!"

"I think you have two bosses. [Me] sometimes and [his baby sister] always." When I said "aren't I a boss too?" he said "I think you aren't. I think you are more like the doctor."


After recovering from a particularly bad meltdown, "I guess I just wanted a snuggle."


While (successfully!) trying to get a happy photograph of both kids together),

Me: "Stop looking at your computer. You'll have computers your whole life, and your sister will only be a baby for a little while. I want a photo."

"But Mama, Herman Toothrot might come soon to talk about the banana picker and the cannibals."*

* Uh, yes, our three year old is playing a game with cannibals in it. But they are vegetarian cannibals.


And I forgot to include this in our nursery rhymes post last week. He dictated this to me for his story journal. I helped with sentence 2, to give him the hang of it, and he wrote the rest. I love how it shows his focus break down.

"New mother goose

New mother goose in a tree
Saw a bumble bee
The bumble bee went in the tree
To get a package for me
And [I] opened the package to see what was in it and mama looked to see if it was for [me] and if it was then I will play with it!"

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Comment: What cute things have your kids said this week?


Raising a Happy Child said...

This is the stuff memories are made of. Today daughter also had quite a meltdown and I asked her eventually what might help her to calm down. She said, "Even my favorite blanket will not help. I think maybe a popsicle might make feel better." What an actress!

MaryAnne said...

Fantastic quotes! His meltdown reminds me of Emma's latest meltdown. I was out trying to get some of the snow off our roof to (unsuccessfully) prevent ice dams, and for whatever reasons she decided she didn't want me out there and threw a MASSIVE fit. Lily and Johnny didn't join in, thankfully. I came back in, and asked her why she threw that fit, and she said "I just wanted my mama" and agreed that she had been silly. Although, I think she actually wanted to watch a show (since I'd let her do that while I spent four hours shoveling the day before) but was too sheepish about the entire affair to admit it...