Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine's Day books and crafts

I rarely have time to blog lately, and that shows no sign of changing, so I thought I'd link up to a couple of our old Valentine's Day related crafts while I have the chance, and share some book ideas.

I still love my heart selvage pillow I made last year:

The same post shows the heart collage my son (then age 2 and a bit) made:

Do you buy your kids books for Valentine's Day?  I was thinking about getting Todd Parr's I Love You Book, and I just saw that it is bargain priced on Amazon for only $4.  It's in the mail!  (This is a perfect choice for the Bibliophile, because we do a little routine where I ask him, "Does Mommy love you when you _____?" and he answers "Yes, Mama loves me ALWAYS!"  and that is the overall message of Parr's book).  Here's a link to it, in case any of you want a copy, and a few more books that I think would make great choices for Valentine's Day gifts.  I'm trying to tell myself that I do not need to buy my 10 week old a book, but it is tempting (I really like the Mommy Loves Me and Daddy Loves Me books below, and we don't own them, and she does seem to love books... must.  resist!). 

Guess How Much I Love YouI Love You Through And ThroughThe I LOVE YOU Book

Never Too Little to LoveDaddy Loves MeMommy Loves MeMy Heart Is Like a Zoo

Comment: Feel free to comment with links to your favorite Valentine's Day crafts or books! 

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Raising a Happy Child said...

Hmm - maybe I will buy this Todd Parr book too, so we have a sample of his drawing style at home. I love both his drawings and the message of all his books. Normally, I don't buy Valentine's Day books or gifts - I just don't like the commercial feeling of this holiday. However, we still have to make 24 Valentine cards for Anna's classmates - ugh!

Ticia said...

There's a book called something like "The Day it Rained Valentines." It's super cute.

And Mouse's First Valentine is a fun sort of riddle book.

MaryAnne said...

I love the selvadge pillow!