Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up

(3 years, 1 month)

I was not very good at taking photographs of our activities this week, and without photos, I really can't remember what we've done!  So, this will be a disjointed post.  In fact, if I have any hope of actually getting it posted, I think I better go with bullets.  This week, the Bibliophile:
  • Had way more computer time than we'd optimally like.  I should do a post sometime about his favorite sites, as he has discovered many new games recently.  I have to be careful because he is getting quite brave about navigating all over my computer now.  Just after the baby was born, he even posted to a friend's facebook wall!  (Not a real message - just a nonsense word.  No idea how he navigated there, but he must have just been clicking randomly).
  • Enjoyed some Space flashcards from Target.  As a result, I got a video and book from the library today, and might try a bit of a planets theme next week.  I've never been good about sticking to themes, but we'll see.
  • Did some story writing.
  • Watched a lot of Planet Earth
  • Did some drawing.  Suddenly the Bibliophile enjoys trying to draw on command, and I love his little finished pictures (every animal and human looks pretty much the same, and all objects are sort of free-form circular blobs).  He's really not a big fan of arts of crafts, so I've been wondering what to do with that "learning box" drawer.  I have a fun idea, so with any luck I'll post about it next week.
  • Spent some time on potty training, with not much success.  This is one of our 2011 goals.
  • Played a spelling game.  It came with an old boxed computer set, called Spelling Spree, but it could easily be duplicated, since we didn't use a lot of the advanced rules.  We just moved along a path (photo above), and chose a card of a certain color as we landed on that square.  The other player chooses a card and asks you to spell that word.  If you get it correct, you move to the next square of that color (and end your turn).  If incorrect, you stay put.  I was really proud of how well the Bibliophile was able to spell, although I did skip some words, like Friend, that I thought might be too tough for him.  He loved this game, so we will definitely be playing more of it.
  • Sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Latin.  I am NOT teaching him Latin (lest you think I am crazy.  As if our Morse Code post didn't make you think that already).  But my husband sang a little of it in Latin to him one day, and he was interested enough to try to sing it to me later in the week, so we looked up the lyrics.  He's been carrying them around singing it.  We made sure to take a video.
  • Played in a rice sensory bin, spilling enough rice to feed a small nation all over our dining room floor.  I almost never do sensory bins, but I have one small shoebox with rice in it and some scoops and little treasures, and I pulled it out in desperation one evening while cooking dinner.  He LOVED it, but still wants me to play it with him, hiding objects, searching for things, issuing "challenges," etc.
And since you have stuck with me this long, I'll treat you to a view of this little beauty, at 8 weeks:

Who could blog when I can just stare at her all day?
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Jenny said...

I love the story writing idea!

What a cutie your little girl is!

Ticia said...

Oh, I found a series that is similar to Planet Earth, from what I know. It's called: Life of a Bird. We watched most of the first episode, and it was pretty interesting. There's another series called Life of a Mammal, haven't watched that one yet.

Joyful Learner said...

OMG...she's ADORABLE!! How is it possible she's so big already? It feels like you just gave birth not too long ago.

I would love to hear the song in Latin. Why not teach Latin? I don't think it's crazy...

Lisa said...

Oh she's beautiful! Look at those eyes. (no, I didn't read the rest, why do you ask? I just looked at the piktyers)

Christy said...

She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck with the potty training! My oldest was 3 yrs 3 mos before he was trained, but the younger two were closer to 2 yrs 6 mos.

Infant Bibliophile said...

Thanks everyone! It is crazy that she is almost 2 months old already. @Joyful We do seem to end up teaching these fun quirky subjects, but I feel like homeschooling is all about following his interests (even at age 3). I think Spanish will be a little more practical, but Latin has its uses. Maybe he'll be a lawyer like his mama, and it will help him with those obscure legal terms. ;)

Raising a Happy Child said...

Spelling is one subject that is not going too well here - kind of funny considering how well daughter is reading. Little Bookworm is adorable - she does look very alert for someone who is still so new to this world.

MaryAnne said...

She's a doll! He brother is adorable, too! =) We'll have to find a way to meet up with you for real, one of these days!

Potty training is on our goal list for 2011 also, but so far success is pretty minimal. I'm pretty happy to keep it low-stress at least until the weather warms up! I'm having enough trouble minimizing child screen time without a newborn! Keeping three kids occupied indoors in cold weather is proving quite the challenge...

Jackie H. said...

Ah, the computer games. You will be thankful when the little one starts being less able to sleep through noise. I let my 2 yr old play computer games while my 1 yr old takes his morning nap. Then I don't constantly have to tell him, "shhh!" Your baby is so cute!