Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review and Give Away:

Last year, we won a trial 3-month membership to  The Bibliophile loved it, but he only really played in one area of it (Storyland), over and over (and over!) again.  We were recently provided the opportunity to renew his trial membership, and to give away one to our readers. 

From the Jumpstart website:
JumpStart is a magical online world packed with friends, games and adventures! From training dragons to exploring lost islands, includes thousands of games and activities for kids ages 3-12. But what really sets JumpStart apart is our commitment to education. We believe that learning should be an adventure, not a chore. That’s why the games at are specially designed to make math, reading and critical thinking fun! After all, there’s no stopping a kid with a JumpStart!
Here is what we thought of Jumpstart (keep reading to get to the give away).

First, a word about our reviewer...  The Bibliophile is 3, but he's extremely adept at using a computer and can read well.  He most enjoyed Storyland, but he finished the tasks within days, and then just kept visiting wishing there were more tasks.  When we ventured to new areas (Jumpstart has many), he'd get a bit frightened of things and want to return to Storyland.  To be clear, nothing in there is scary, but he's 3 and a bit quirky.  So, we based most of this review on Storyland and Marine Land.  He just discovered Marine Land this week, and loves it.

-- Educational.  Storyland covers topics like counting, phonic sounds, following instructions/tasks, colors, shapes, patterns, matching.  Areas outside of Storyland cover a wide range of topics including, for instance, geography and astronomy.
-- Fun!  The Bibliophile loves it.
-- Longevity.  The Bibliophile's interest in it hasn't waned, even as our trial membership draws to a close.
-- Age appropriate.  Nothing offensive or meant for much older kids or adults that I have to attempt to explain to him.
-- Games for a broad age range under one "roof," which is especially nice since you can have multiple children on an account for one fee.

--Monthly cost arrangements are pricey, though not as bad for multiple kids.
--Occasional frozen screens requiring restart, and recently an "unexplained fatal error" message
--Certain tasks can't be redone (unless, like us, you add fictional kids).
--Outside of Storyland, it was not always obvious to us what to do next (although finding Marineland this week has helped). I KNOW we are missing great areas because I can't really see the big picture in terms of how to navigate the site.  This is probably less of a problem for older children who are more inclined to explore on their own.

Update: this give away is now closed.  The winner has been notified by email.

Give Away!  Three Month Jumpstart Membership

Thanks to the generosity of the kind people at, you can win your own three month trial membership!  To enter:
1) Leave a comment here.
2) Follow or subscribe in some way to Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile and leave a comment letting me know.
3) Tweet, facebook, or blog about this give away and leave a comment letting me know.

That's three possible entries per person. The deadline is April 5, midnight EST.  Please remember to leave your email address in your comment if it is not accessible from your profile.

Disclosure: We were provided with a 3 month extension of our trial membership at no cost in order to write this review.


mverno said...

this would be oh so great for my grandson

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i'd love to win this for my daughter, thank you!

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thank this would be great for my son! thanks for the chance
kendraco22 at yahoo dot com

kendra22 said...

thank this would be great for my son! thanks for the chance
kendraco22 at yahoo dot com

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